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a shared on-line journal where people can post diary entries about their personal experiences and hobbies


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read, write, or edit a shared on-line journal

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In the same context, News Manager Metro TV Indonesia, Jati Savitri presented a case study on citizen journalism in her country, saying it has grown remarkably since 2012.
The concept of citizen journalism can be understood in contrast to professional journalism.
The session particularly focused on citizen journalism through mobile phones, which are nowadays in everyone's access and can easily be used for making short video stories.
The success of citizen journalism relies on the journalists and the readers.
We couldn't predict citizen journalism changing things the way it has.
The increased trend of professional journalists working together with a network of citizen contributors -- either to develop stories or to update a news report with the latest information -- reflects how citizen journalism has already impacted the way major news organizations operate.
The citizen journalism is open to non-professionals who are interested in journalism.
com is a video sharing website which champions not only reality based and political footage but also the concept of citizen journalism.
Mosireen Presents Prayer of Fear This is one of the latest productions by the Mosireen Citizen journalism collective - 'Prayer of Fear'.
The point is also that, in this case, citizen journalism worked with a speed that left authorities, including Scotland Yard, seemingly speechless and mute.
London, Apr 19 ( ANI ): Notorious Internet hacking collective Anonymous has launched a citizen journalism site that aims to collect breaking reports and blogs.
The definition of a journalist, too, has changed dramatically in this age of citizen journalism, RTI activism and the social media.
Besides social networking websites, like Twitter and Facebook, blogging websites such as Word Press and Blogger have also provided individuals with a platform to voice their opinions, giving rise to citizen journalism in many parts of the developing world.
While mainstream media outlets are failing the public, there is a concurrent, dramatic rise in citizen journalism, often coupled with advocacy.
com/hurricane-sandy-social-media-role-citizen-journalism-coverage-frankenstorm-discussed-ibttalks-863618) Hurricane Sandy, Social Media And The Role Of Citizen Journalism
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