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Synonyms for militia


Synonyms for militia

the entire body of physically fit civilians eligible by law for military service

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When a state relies upon a citizen army for defense, the intrinsic difficulty is to find a way to connect and disconnect the individual for intermittent military duty at minimum expense and with the least dislocation of the civil economy.
He re-emphasised the importance of developing a citizen army to avoid any internal threats that a standing army may pose.
Some discussion of the differences between Larkin and Connolly, particularly on Connolly's insistence on integrating women with men, both in the labour movement and in the Citizen Army (Larkin preferred separate spheres), would have helped in terms of deeper assessment of the Connolly legacy.
Army hard-liners soon realized the futility of attempting to enforce such regulations on each and every member of a citizen army.
The father, a journalist and fervent nationalist, killed in service of the Irish Citizen Army during the Easter Uprising of 1916.
Such is the time-honored code of both the regular army and the citizen army, and will be upheld with pride this time again.
Times have changed, yet even today, the belief in a citizen army remains.
I would join a citizen army, restore honor to the tattered banner of black fatherhood, and hoist it high for all to see.
Switzerland Without An Army," the leftist, pro-EU group which proposed the referendum, denigrated Switzerland's citizen army as "an outdated institution and a 'man's world where blind obedience and contempt of women still rules.
A citizen army - an army of the people - participates in the debate as to why it exists, what threat it must repel, and how and where it may be used.
48) On the heels of this thoroughly disingenuous claim that he is not the condottiere he actually is, Fabrizio continues with the details of drafting the citizen army and the other topics he takes up in the Art of War.
It was a huge citizen army and the public demanded something be done to recognise their sacrifice.
Was he shot by a British soldier or a member of the Irish Citizen Army (ICA)?
Unlike conventional new product launches by established consumer product companies that already have shelf space across national retail channels or vast resources to buy it, the premise of the new approach is creation of a citizen army of product enthusiasts who communicate with each other and the company through social media, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and blogs to grow the brand from the grassroots up.
Netroots rising; how a citizen army of bloggers and online activists is changing American politics.