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Synonyms for militia


Synonyms for militia

the entire body of physically fit civilians eligible by law for military service

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During the course of nearly five months of fighting on the Somme, an inexperienced citizen army began to evolve into a battle-hardened one.
REBELS WITH A CAUSE Gunmen of the Irish Citizen Army on Dublin rooftop in 1916 and, below, the city in ruins
AIMING HIGH Men in Irish Citizen Army uniform yesterday
In the years before that, in Vietnam and at home, the evidence of how such an army could vote with its feet and through its activism had been too much for the top brass, and so the citizen army, that creation of the French Revolution, was ended with a stroke of the presidential pen.
Ambrose states, "Back in '42 the question was, Can a citizen army be trained and prepared well enough to fight Germans in a protracted campaign in Northwest Europe?
Americans should insist, writes Bacevich, upon fielding a citizen army drawn from all segments of society.
The Dublin-born socialist playwright took the title of his play from the name given to the banner of the Irish Citizen Army during the uprising.
This volume tracks the day-by-day fighting against England and ends with the executions of Commandant Michael Mallin and James Connolly, Commander in Chief of the Irish Citizen Army.
The event was held to mark the 100th anniversary of the formation of the Irish Citizen Army (ICA), co-founded by the Liverpool-born Irish Trade Unionist James Larkin.
Marshall, the new Army Chief of Staff, who not only acknowledged the changes that a citizen army would bring, but the expectations of material comfort that would be key to maintaining military morale during the times.
In a Canadian context, handguns are not useful as a hunting tool, and proficiency in handgun use was never seen as a priority for military preparedness, national defence relying on a citizen army proficient in the use of rifles.
This was a citizen army - and also the first really literate army - and at the end of the war, those that survived took their new terms back to the general population," he said.
The event was O'Casey's socialist baptism, and he worked day and night as one of Larkin's lieutenants in the Irish Transport and General Workers Union and the Irish Citizen Army.
Chapter three analyzes sport in the changed circumstances of the Great War, when the forces were reshaped into a citizen army.
Our citizen army of teachers and mechanics, lawyers, students, professors, our sons and daughters suffered great losses along with the civilian population, but with great bravery and unfortunately too much in terms of losses.