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a state consisting of a sovereign city

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What happens to a world-famed, smoothly functioning citistate when the nations around it fall victim to economic convulsion, and political upheaval?
The governance prescriptions in the policy paradigm advocated by citistate activists assume the persistence of federal institutions but prescribe significant devolution of authority to the regional levels.
No part of a citistate can really win in a full and sustainable way, he argues, unless all classes and communities gain too.
Even merging lots of cities and counties would hardly solve the kind of tough, region-wide problems that Hertzberg has asked his commission to look at -- building affordable housing, preserving open space, relieving traffic congestion, making California citistates competitive in the new global economy.
The result might just be the first truly high-octane effort to help our citistates function and prosper in a time of stunning economic change and global challenges.
Our Citistates editorial team, preparing a series for the San Antonio Express-News, expected to find San Antonio's future defined by its ties to high-tech Austin, Texas, just to the north.
In 1986 he was appointed Chairman of Citistate Corporation Limited, an Australian public company specializing in property development and corporate investment.
But, with the "right civic forces," a citistate "has the potential to coalesce to achieve some form of shared governance.
Finally, the authors identify guideposts for citistate cohesiveness to enable American metropolitan areas to compete internationally.
And borders, as state lines, plunge straight through such mega citistate regions as New York, Philadelphia, Chicago and St.
Jackson was President and Chief Executive Officer of Citistate Corporation, Ltd.
What's now dawning is a recognition that a central city is just one part of a metro area--that for climate steps to make a significant difference, the entire citistate, suburbs and satellite cities included, need to be part of the planning and action.
One idea is to promote full varieties of dialogues within our citistate and rural regions--reknitting America's torn social fabric, wrestling with deep economic injustices, local environmental quandaries and global climate change--conversations to be spiced with direct involvement of many of today's idealistic youth.
But the success story is not exclusively a downtown one--the entire Washington citistate of 5.
In today's citistate world, we're seeing lots of cutting-edge economic collaborations, efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions, experiments ranging from new transit systems to revival of downtowns.