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Given that Cistothorus are oscine passerines, their songs are presumed to be learned, and this behavior presents the usual complication associated with assessing which vocal attributes are meaningful in species recognition (Kroodsma 2005, Appendix).
Cistothorus species' limits and distributions are especially complicated in the complex topography of the Venezuela and Colombia Andes.
Cistothorus elegans Sclater and Salvin 1859 Grass Wren
Cistothorus tucumanus Hartert and Venturi 1909 Tucuman Wren
Cistothorus graminicola Taczanowski 1874 Junin Wren
Cistothorus aequatorialis Lawrence 1871 Paramo Wren
Cistothorus alticola Salvin and Godman, 1883 Venezuelan Wren
Temperate grasslands are the most modified and threatened biome on the planet (International Union for Conservation of Nature 2014), and as a result, all species of the Cistothorus platensis complex have suffered massive declines since the arrival of Europeans to the New World.
failed to find Cistothorus and no suitable habitat was observed.
Throughout the remaining Andes, the presence of introduced and severely overpopulated grazers (cattle from Colombia south through northern Peru, Argentina and Chile; sheep, goats, llamas and alpacas in southern Peru and Bolivia) have drastically reduced and degraded Cistothorus habitat (Buytaert et al.
Song list for Cistothorus taxa--accessed 21 January 2013
Cistothorus tucumanus (Hartert and Venturi 1909) Tucuman Wren
Song variation among Cistothorus wrens, with a focus on the Merida Wren.
Geographic variation and evolution in South American Cistothorus platensis (Aves: Trogldoytidae).