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a sac or cavity containing fluid especially lymph or cerebrospinal fluid


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The cisterna chyli and lymph nodes were successfully embolized in the first intervention, but there was continuation of the chylothoraxes through development of collateral lymphatic ducts seen leaking into both hemithorax.
(10) reported that the needle interruption of the cisterna chyli with subsequent resolution of the chylous fistula is successful in 50% of cases.
This duct arises from the cisterna chyli, which lies between the aorta and the inferior vena cava anterior to the bodies of the first and second lumbar vertebrae.
Forces capable of tearing the cisterna chyli or the thoracic duct will generally also injure other structures such as the liver, duodenum, kidney, and pancreas (5).
Thoracic duct and cisterna chyli: Evaluation with multidetector row CT.
The thoracic duct originates from the cisterna chyli, a dilated sac at the level of the 2nd lumbar vertebra that receives lymph from intestinal and lumbar lymphatics [14] as well as intercostal lymphatics and periaortic lymph nodes [15].
The thoracic duct extends from the cisterna chyli, at the level of the second lumbar vertebral body, to a structure posterior and to the right of the aorta.
Flow continues via the intestinal lymph trunk to the cisterna chyli, thence to the thoracic duct (2).