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situated between the earth and the moon

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This region is referred to as CisLunar Space and is considered by many planetary scientists to be the gateway to the rest of the solar system.
First of all, with the conclusion of the moon race, governments have had little incentive to push further with manned exploration, given the enormous cost and risk of sending humans into cislunar space.
They recognized the value of human missions to cislunar space to prepare for missions farther into space.
The feasibility is enabled by three key developments: the ability to discover and characterise an adequate number of sufficiently small near-Earth asteroids for capture and return; the ability to implement sufficiently powerful solar electric propulsion systems to enable transportation of the captured asteroid; and the proposed human presence in cislunar space in the 2020s enabling exploration and exploitation of the returned asteroid," the report detailed.
Primarily operating in cislunar space the volume of space around the moon featuring multiple possible stable staging orbits for future deep space missions NASA will advance and validate capabilities required for humans to live and work at distances much farther away from our home planet, such as at Mars.