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Synonyms for Gaul

a person of French descent

a Celt of ancient Gaul

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an ancient region of western Europe that included what is now northern Italy and France and Belgium and part of Germany and the Netherlands


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The Po Valley was colonized by Romans and Italians, organized as the province of Cisalpine Gaul about 81 B.
Roman generals returning from victories in Illyricum or Cisalpine Gaul approached the Forum in the company of a centurion standing behind them in the chariot to remind them of their mortality; Elizabethan merchants drawing up contracts for the delivery of French cannon or Spanish wine hedged their signatures with the phrase "by the mutability of Fortune and Favor.
So can one any longer be justified in using evidence from the law codes of Ireland and Wales, for instance, to illustrate the life of `Celtic' women in Cisalpine Gaul as Ellis does (p.
together, they were awarded a triumph (206); as proconsul he defended Etruria (Tuscany and Umbria) (206-205) and then held Cisalpine Gaul (northern Italy) (204); quarreled with fellow censor Nero, levied a salt tax (hence his nickname Salinator, passed on to his descendants), and attempted revenge for his trial (204); died some years later, date unknown.
Caesar appointed him governor of Cisalpine Gaul (46) and praetor (44).
To reach Italy from Cisalpine Gaul, Caesar and his army had to cross which geographic feature?