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The number of forb species is rather low; the dominant species are Iris pseudacorus, Cirsium arvense, and Dipsacus laciniatus.
We investigated the spatial distributions of populations of two Great Lakes shoreline plant species: Cirsium pitcheri (Pitcher's thistle), a threatened dune species that is endemic to the Great Lakes basin, U.
anthocoptes--whether it attacks other Cirsium species.
The most common herbaceous plants in this field include Barbarea vulgaris, Cichorium intybus, all Cirsium spp.
Cirsium rivulare 'Atropurpureum', a crimson thistle, makes a little clutch of flowers at the top of each stem.
Complementary fragmentation pattern analysis by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry and liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry confirmed the precious lignan content of Cirsium weeds.
whereas Cirsium oleraceum, Cirsium palustre, Epilobium hirsutum, and Populus tremula occurred only on fertilized peat blocks in the greenhouse.
Effects of flower production and predispersal seed predation on reproduction in Cirsium purpuratum.
Winter Summer Winter Plants (2005-2006) (2006) (2006-2007) Forbs Allium x Ambrosia x x Cirsium x x x Dalea x x Desmodium x Galium x Helianthus x x x Kummerowia stipulacea x Lespedeza capitata x x Lespedeza cuneata x Melilotus x Phyla x x x Psoralea x Rudbeckia x Sisyrinchium x Solidago x x x Verbena x x Woody plants Amorpha x x Ceanothus (leaf) x Cornus x x Rhus (leaf) x x x Rosa (leaf) x Rosa (stem) x x Rubus (leaf) x Salix (stem) x x Symphoricarpos (leaf) x x Celtis (leaf) x x x Gleditsia (stem) x x Morus (leaf) x x Populus (stem) x Quercus (leaf) x x Grasses Agrostis x Alopecurus x Andropogon x x Bouteloua x Bromus x x x Elymus x x Panicum x x Poa x x Schizachyrium x Sorghastrum x x Sporobolus x
Cirsium pitcheri propagules used for reintroduction were grown from seeds collected from natural thistle populations in Indiana, southern Wisconsin, and southern Michigan.
Among the collected specimens were the threatened species Solidago houghtoni, Cirsium pitcheri, Iris lacustris, and Tanacetum huronense.
But Cahill doesn't have fond memories of stroking Cirsium arvense and Solanum carolinese (Canada thisles and horse nettles).
flacca, Ononis arvensis, and Cirsium acaule are rather frequent in West Latvia, but rare or absent in other regions of the country (Fatare, 1992).