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a wispy white cloud (usually of fine ice crystals) at a high altitude (4 to 8 miles)


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For the time being, cirrus cloud thinning should be viewed as a thought experiment that is helping to understand cirrus cloud6formation mechanisms," the article says.
The tiny ice crystals in cirrus clouds cast thermal radiation back against the surface of the earth, trapping heat like a blanket--or, more to the point, like carbon dioxide.
Explain that cirrus clouds typically form when the weather is about to change.
Haloes - rings that form around the sun or moon - are created by light being reflected by ice crystals formed in high cirrus clouds.
HOW TO BECOME A WEATHER DETECTOR FIRST learn to recognise your clouds - cirrus clouds are white, thin and wispy and form very high in the sky.
The laser sensor has an operating range of 15 kilometres and is capable of reliably detecting high cloud layers and cirrus clouds.
While cirrus clouds are composed of ice crystals and exist in the upper troposphere, mixed phase clouds are composed of both ice crystals and water droplets, and exist in the low and middle troposphere (Hartmann et al, 1992).
These are relatively transparent clouds, like thin cirrus clouds on Earth.
The information was gathered from high altitudes over fresh and aged snow surfaces, ocean surfaces in high winds, tall coastal and forest conditions, and in the presence of thin cirrus clouds.
com Again, these are made from high quality 24 per cent lead crystal, and feature a cut pattern inspired by the thin, wispy forms of cirrus clouds.
The amazing sight, caused by a unique combination of the sun's position and the shape of ice crystals in very high cirrus clouds, was in view for just 20 seconds before fading away.
Normally we carefully avoided those towering cloud castles of violent turbulence, but that one was masked in some cirrus clouds.
While cirrus clouds usually mean fair weather for now, their appearance also usually signals a weather change in the next 24 hours.
The AFCRL controlled U-2 aircraft investigated the radiation characteristics of high-altitude jet stream Cirrus clouds.
While some contrails swiftly disappear, others form widespread cirrus clouds which block both the sun's rays and heat energy from the ground.