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traveling around something (by ship or plane)

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chief scientist on two 40-day cruises aboard DaYang YiHao, a Chinese oceanographic ship that circumnavigated the globe for 300 days.
More than half then made astonishing round-the-world journeys and three birds circumnavigated the globe twice.
The organization has backed such events as a climb of Mount Kilimanjaro, a bike ride that circumnavigated the globe and a 22-day cross-country trip across America.
In that year I circumnavigated the globe, visiting 26 countries.
In 2001, she taught for Semester at Sea on a ship that circumnavigated the globe.
Depending on the sequence in which they were observed, the signals in effect circumnavigated the globe in either an eastward or westward direction, and the time differences were recorded.
Since the advent of world cruises in the 1920s by Cunard's RMS Laconia, many people have circumnavigated the globe at a leisurely pace.
HMS Beagle twice circumnavigated the globe, but she's most famous for the five-year voyage during which the ship's scientist, Charles Darwin, formulated his ideas on evolution.
HE'S circumnavigated the globe and climbed some of its highest peaks.
The winner is expected to cross the line in Marseilles in early March, 2002, having circumnavigated the globe via Gibraltar, the Cape of Good Hope, Cape Leeuwin in Australia, the Cook Straits between the two islands of New Zealand, Antarctica and Cape Horn in South America.
Rutan, the Mojave pilot who gained fame 11 years ago when his experimental aircraft circumnavigated the globe on just one tank of gas, is teaming with veteran New Mexico balloonist Melton in a $1 million expedition financed by Hilton Hotels and Pepsi.
The Super Constellations circumnavigated the globe in opposite directions, and before long, eight round the world services were operating weekly, a journey that took five and a half days.