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Synonyms for circumlocution

Synonyms for circumlocution

a style that involves indirect ways of expressing things

an indirect way of expressing something

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I am confident that with a deeper regard for phenomenology and existential thought the author could come up with some more apposite phrases and circumlocutions that would be more accurate indicators of the historical and the present-day Melanau situations she writes about.
They never could understand his many friends and passions or his inevitable circumlocutions of speech" (319), and Rickey confessed to one writer that he had not accomplished much in life except that he had finally learned to translate Cicero's speeches from Latin to English.
Though I may be able to extend the useful life of the few clothes of his that I have kept for their retro appeal, he shall add nothing more to the boxes in my hall that house all that is left of the oddly precise shambles of his steel-trap mind, whose circumlocutions and reverence for family seemed to ignore his living children in favour of the shady or upstanding personages in our shared past, his real legacy to us.
For many of us gathered here, Harry's perceptive reading of a manuscript saved us from embarrassing lapses in logic, factual errors, and ill-phrased circumlocutions.
He problematizes the term Shinto, mentioning it relatively late in the narrative after using such circumlocutions as local cults or native deities.
Things can misfire in translation, and Mr Trichet's circumlocutions and sometimes unusual syntax can make even native English speakers reach for the dictionary.
XXXII 1) conveying the ineffable agony of damnation in the 'dismal hole', through to the tuneful and solemn circumlocutions in Latin, appropriate for the elevated subject matter of Paradise, Eliot blends and alternates the most wide-ranging varieties of tones, styles, languages, rhyming schemes and polyphonic sensations in his poems.
Lewis' hints and circumlocutions were a prelude to a meeting scheduled immediately after the OAS session with US Vice President Dick Cheney and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.
These circumlocutions leave the distinct impression that an unpleasant truth is being assiduously avoided, albeit with difficulty.
They grow up with politically correct circumlocutions like `visually assaulted' where once we'd say `looking like the back end of a bus', or `an interesting exchange of views' rather than `a load of backslavver'.
Goateed and bedecked with a permanent bow tie and creamy caped suit that mark him as a man steeped in a distant age, Dorr speaks in an elaborate, rarefied, highly literary manner that gives Hanks paragraphs of dialogue to recite and is not unamusing if you follow its circumlocutions carefully.
Yes, it is possible to arrive at circumlocutions for any phrase that any conceivable (can one be conceived without his/her parents engaging in a vulgar activity?
Thus he uses circumlocutions for Valhalla, 'palace of the gods', and valkyries, 'beautiful nymphs of war', both of which he would employ confidently in his 1770 Northern Antiquities--clearly these concepts were not yet widely understood.
Most importantly, he constructed ever-more-elaborate circumlocutions, much in the spirit of Anthony Sebastian's "Fourwords" in the May 1994 Word Ways (in how many different ways can one allude to "four"?
Now his spectacular circumlocutions to avoid answering pesky reporters' questions are being recognised for what they truly are - a form of poetry.