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Synonyms for circumlocution

Synonyms for circumlocution

a style that involves indirect ways of expressing things

an indirect way of expressing something

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Thus he uses circumlocutions for Valhalla, 'palace of the gods', and valkyries, 'beautiful nymphs of war', both of which he would employ confidently in his 1770 Northern Antiquities--clearly these concepts were not yet widely understood.
Most importantly, he constructed ever-more-elaborate circumlocutions, much in the spirit of Anthony Sebastian's "Fourwords" in the May 1994 Word Ways (in how many different ways can one allude to "four"?).
Now his spectacular circumlocutions to avoid answering pesky reporters' questions are being recognised for what they truly are - a form of poetry.
We circle cliches and circumlocutions, showing students how such imprecision weakens their writing.
Instead, readers were treated to such complicated linguistic circumlocutions as: Bush's statements represented "embroidering key assertions" and were clearly "dubious, if not wrong." The President's "rhetoric has taken some flights of fancy," he has "taken some liberties," "omitted qualifiers" and "simply outpace[d] the facts." But "Bush lied"?
Derrida's circumlocutions around the economy of differance in which he describes, so we might argue, a kind of "counter-economy" suspended between the "perfect return" and the "irreparable loss" of either the odyssean structure of economy or the expenditure of the gift might be of eminent constructive use.
His answer: Jerome, following Symmachus, deems the Hebrew word tsammah a biblical term for "vulva" -- hence, their euphemistic circumlocutions for the "shameful parts of a woman." Their Greek and Latin translations are only meant to "convey with many words honestly covered, that which would be dishonest if rendered with its appropriate word." They reflect that necessary recourse to periphrasis for sidestepping obscene matters endorsed, for example, by Quintilian in the rhetorical tradition.
Spiffy witticisms go flat the fortieth time they're sprung on you, metaphors go stale, and circumlocutions grow mold.
Counterfeit communities pervade America today and are supported by what Freie calls "palaver," a new form of propaganda that provides us with "profusions of lofty ideas, circular reasoning, circumlocutions, babbling, and sometimes even .
Usually the discussion is confined to the past rather than the present for the simple reason that current circumlocutions must not be recognized as such if they are to be effective.
The author describes her essays as "examples of associative thinking; they are," she writes, "disjunctive assemblages utilizing strategies of analogy, metaphorical associations, and circumlocutions that juxtapose unexpected subjects in an attempt to make suggestive connections" (10).
Circumlocutions seem intended at times to avoid saying straight out that a situation of conflict exists.
He solved this difficulty by using a variety of circumlocutions: `me autem nomine appellabat' (Luc.
She has also done Demetrius the favour of substituting clear and austere language for Roberts' circumlocutions and occasional wordiness.