circumflex scapular artery

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an artery that serves the muscles of the shoulder and scapular area

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The circumflex scapular artery passes dorsally through upper quadrangular space.
The anterior circumflex humeral artery arose from circumflex scapular artery.
It was observed that in the right upper limb, the lateral thoracic artery, thoraco-dorsal, circumflex scapular and posterior circumflex scapular artery arises from a common trunk from the second part of axillary artery underneath the pectoralis minor muscle (picture 1).
The medial branch was the subscapular artery, which in turn gave three circumflex scapular arteries; one medial and two lateral to the scapular border, the artery then continued as thoracodorsal artery, with the thoracodorsal nerve and supplied the medial wall of axilla and latissimus dorsi muscle.