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lying around or just outside the edges or outskirts

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Figure 2 shows B-scan data from a helical array of defects 1 mm deep and 50 mm long, spaced 30 mm circumferentially.
Fuel and air are staged in discrete sectors circumferentially around the axis of the burner, creating zones of differing fuel/air mixtures.
The bladder was then incised anteriorly and its distal portion resected circumferentially, with inclusion of ureteric orifices and diverticulum.
The kidney was dissected circumferentially, leaving the kidney attached only by the right renal vein.
The core is contoured by a pair of transversely opposite side edges that extend longitudinally to each other, a pair of longitudinally opposite terminal edges circumferentially extending parallel to each other and corners defined by oblique edges that extend between the side edge and the associated terminal edge of the pad.
The fibrotic process appears to progress evenly and circumferentially, beginning at the outside of the medial canal and growing inward.
The indoor pools with its deep water table and a circumferentially arranged Shepherd gutter no longer meets the current requirements of the DIN 16,643th A complete pelvic rehabilitation is therefore necessary.
They were intact after removal and some abrasion circumferentially along the center of the TireSilencer ring of approximate 1" width was observed only on the surface touching the tire innerliner (figure 3).
The stenotic segment was circumferentially mobilized and resected.
Specifications, which are often exceeded, allow for an accuracy of [+ or -] 20 cm longitudinally, and [+ or -] 5u circumferentially.
Ouroboros's platform device - the OSS - is a minimally invasive device that circumferentially expands in the interbody disc space, and serves to contain graft materials within the disc space which facilitate interbody fusion.
Working and protective scaffold as long-oriented standing scaffolding, system scaffolding DIN 4420 Part 4, circumferentially for facade, carpentry, roofing and plumbing work.
The tread surface may extend circumferentially around the body and may extend between the first and second sidewalls.
The crotch section is interposed between, and the waist opening has a first elastic material stretchable circumferentially thereof and a pair of leg openings, each having an upper and a lower end.