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lying around or just outside the edges or outskirts

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Potential readings taken externally on the Jacket/TP and MP at pre-determined cardinal points both vertically and circumferentially.
In the second one, pre-stressing was applied circumferentially along the edges of panel.
Copious cervical bleeding ensued immediately post evacuation and was arrested by placing a Mersilene tape circumferentially on the uterine cervix.
Sectioning of the balloon demonstrated uniform coating circumferentially with the coating thicknesses ranging from 4 to 7 microns.
Best results should be obtained with circumferentially oriented fiberglass strands.
5 cm of the penile shaft circumferentially (Figure 1).
On endoscopy the affected mucosa appears red and velvety, extending proximally either circumferentially or advancing in one or several tongues.
The diaphragm was then incised circumferentially around the tumor.
Subsequently, Granter et al (8) expanded the term to include pericytic tumors with myoid differentiation (immunoreactive for SMA and muscle-specific actin), which showed characteristic histologic features consisting of round to oval cells with eosinophilic cytoplasm, arranged circumferentially around vascular lumina in an "onion skin"(multilayered) pattern.
This technology gives us the ability to stop a run if the tie-layer isn't circumferentially present and reset parameters.
The probe lies at the bottom of the pipe, which is typically the slowest region, circumferentially speaking, to heat.
Heart magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography coronary angiography performed on postoperative days 17 and 19 showed abnormal wall motion circumferentially to the mid LV, but no significant luminal narrowing in the coronary arteries.
SEL is a condition in which an abnormal excess adipose tissue is deposited circumferentially around the spinal cord in the epidural space.
The shear transducers, aligned circumferentially around the pipe end A, are excited simultaneously to produce a fundamental torsional T(0,1) guided wave mode.
Its innovative nitinol element provides unique anti-slipping properties while circumferentially dilating plaque, providing a precise and predictable dilatation across a wide range of lesion types.