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the act of circumcising performed on males eight days after birth as a Jewish and Muslim religious rite

the act of circumcising

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Opening pic is "Desert Flower," based on the international bestselling autobiography by Wads Dirie about a Somalian nomad circumcized at age 5 and sold into marriage at 13; she overcomes adversity to become an American supermodel.
Most were girls, because the hiding of boys was more dangerous owing to their being circumcized (see Kessel).
59), represented by EBB (who had not actually visited the fair) as a "world-bazaar" "[w]here circumcized & turbaned met the christened / And heaped up jewel, silk, & common ware" (cited, p.
Gentiles did not have to become Jews in order to be saved; that is, they did not have to become circumcized and obey Moses.
Clever though less convincing is Brauner's thesis that in what he refers to as the Jewish anti-pastoral there is a Jewish/Gentile male 'homosocial' pattern, which involves the Jewish, circumcized character feeling effeminate in the presence of the virile Gentile, unmanned by him and in contention with him for his own, Jewish, wife.