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the act of circumcising performed on males eight days after birth as a Jewish and Muslim religious rite

the act of circumcising

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Female circumcision deserves an equal, if not a better, treatment,' he added.
In 2012, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), which previously had been neutral on the subject, issued a task force report concluding that the health benefits of circumcision outweigh its risks and justify access to the procedure.
Conclusion: The thermocautery circumcision technique can be used easily in both the operating theatre and in designated circumcision rooms, with a lower complication rate, when compared to plastic clamping and surgical circumcisions.
The product page on Amazon does not make any reference to home circumcision or training non-professionals to perform circumcisions at all.
Dullah, an Al Ain resident, said: "I had my son's circumcision here in one of Al Ain's hospitals and it was covered by the insurance.
The controversies associated with this topic and the strong views held by authors on either side of the circumcision divide highlights how evidence can still be interpreted differently depending on personal biases.
One village in each pair was randomly chosen to receive the intervention, in which Christian church leaders (ideally at least one male and one female from each church) were invited to attend a day-long seminar that discussed the medical, historical, social and religious aspects of circumcision.
Legal and policy framework for medical male circumcision of boys under 18
Conclusion: Circumcision being a commonest surgical procedure demands careful selection of the operative procedure because plastibell method is superior in terms of post-operative infection whereas open method is better in terms of cosmesis and post-operative bleeding.
At the beginning it should be mentioned that there are lots of the English-language literature on the curriculum of the circumcision operation and about its negative consequences and positive results.
3) Egyptian circumcision dates back to at least 2400 BCE and was usually confined to the priesthood or the royal family.
The HIV-transmission studies of adult men in developing nations provide rationale for circumcision in adults, but should these studies be applied to male infants in developed countries?
He also said that neonatal circumcision causes on average 117 deaths per year.
KEY WORDS: Circumcision, sexual functioning, sexual satisfaction, partner preferences
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that medically performed male circumcision could help decrease the risk of contracting HIV and several other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) as well as other health problems.