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In most cases life must not be extinct - in other words, there has to be circulation of blood.
When the body fights an infection, it must work harder, and circulation of blood is extremely important.
Wearing elastic support, or compression, stockings helps by gently squeezing the legs to improve the circulation of blood back upwards towards the heart.
World War Two, meanwhile, resulted in 77 air raids and six V1 attacks hitting the town Notable people from Folkestone include William Harvey, who discovered the circulation of blood, chef Phil Vickery, musician Noel Redding and last year's Big Brother contestant Sam Pepper Damian Collins succeeded Northern Racing chairman Michael Howard as MP for Folkestone and Hythe in the 2010 general election - he is also Conservative Folkestone is not one of the five cinque ports - but it is a member of the confederation, being a 'limb' of Dover Kent cricketers James Tredwell, Geraint Jones and Robbie Joseph, along with Neil Dexter of Middlesex, have all represented Folkestone Cricket Club
But treatment is free for all- whether nationals or expatriates- and this includes custom-made inserts that can ease pressure on the patient's feet, besides medication to help circulation of blood.
Drink plenty of fluids to ensure the inner ear circulation of blood and fluids is topped up.
Unlike modern concepts of the heart's function, Webb shows how medieval thinkers viewed the heart as fundamentally open to other powers, rather than a necessarily closed system of internal circulation of blood.
AA heart bypass is performed to increase the circulation of blood to the muscle of the heart.
The elastic fibers apply pressure to the surface of the skin, which aids to the circulation of blood.
Rojas' interest in vampires stems in part from his current research on the HIV-AIDS epidemic in rural China, where one of the primary vectors of infection is the circulation of blood via institutionalized blood-selling.
In Friday's decision, Judge Nakayama overruled the lower court's finding that the girl died from serious brain damage caused by bad circulation of blood after a filter on the lung pump became clogged.
Specifically designed for use by beginners, "Sunrise Tai Chi" has much of value for even the more experienced practitioner in developing symmetry and balance between strength and flexibility; the loosening and strengthening of muscles, tendons, and ligaments; improving the circulation of blood and Qi energy; increasing bone density; massaging internal organs, boosting the immune system, taping into the energy of the universe, improving martial arts skills, and generally improving the quality of daily life.
The William Harvey project, named after the physician who discovered the circulation of blood, links hospitals in County Durham and Darlington with eight schools in the area.
William Harvey (1578-1657): discovered the circulation of blood.
Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) affects the circulation of blood in the main arteries and risks of the condition are up to 16 times greater for smokers compared with non-smokers.