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The surgeon may also be held 'jointly and severally liable' if the surgeon knew, or ought to have known, that the anaesthetist had not told the circulating nurse that the throat pack had been removed, and did not check whether the pack had been removed.
During each procedure, the circulating nurse collected gloves as they were changed or removed.
From our fact scenario we do not know what was documented in the incident report filed by the circulating nurse and reviewed by the surgical committee.
Ann Ball, RN, was the circulating nurse in the operating room during the surgery.
The circulating nurse is responsible for managing the nursing care of the patient within the OR and coordinating the needs of the surgical team with other necessary care providers.
I have had the rare occasion to need to check for bladder integrity and have had the circulating nurse inject diluted formula through the indwelling urinary catheter.
Beads of sweat gather at the edge of the surgeon's cloth cap and the circulating nurse steps up periodically to wipe them away.
Christy Tolbert, the circulating nurse, maintained that she turned the unit on and set it to 98.
staff for late starts on the first case of the day, frequently stating that the circulating nurse is not ready due to morning reports.
Billing readiness -- Picis Perioperative Dashboard automatically tracks completeness of nursing documentation, notifying hospitals of missing information, broken out by circulating nurse.
The circulating nurse gathers equipment as per the recommended best practice list and prepares bags of heparinised saline for irrigation and flushing of catheters and wires during the procedure.
An investigation found that the pharmacy technician, the circulating nurse, and the scrub technician were at fault for failing to (1) identify the undiluted acetic acid, (2) follow the clear warnings on the bottle of acid, and (3) notice the distinctive odor.
Joel Korelitz performed the surgery, assisted by a surgical resident and Tari Berke, a scrub nurse, and Sherry Murphy, a circulating nurse.