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assets available for use in the production of further assets

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While not all goods that are produced are employed as either fixed or circulating capital, all have the potential for such employment.
Restructuring factoring applied sporadically in Poland and Germany is an instrument reducing the demand for the corporate net circulating capital.
According to the balance perspective, the net circulating capital is a part of circulating assets financed with fixed capitals (Michalski, 2005).
Of this sum, [pounds sterling] 13,000 goes to replace the circulating capital stocks of food and necessaries workers have consumed over the year, and [pounds sterling] 2,000 goes to the capitalist as profit (a 10.
Given that circulating capital constitutes demand for labor in Ricardo's model, the capitalist can now employ but 42.
Reflecting the overwhelming primacy of circulating capital in the age of manufacture, eighteenth-century parliaments enacted fourteen statutes that were devoted to governing property rights in fifteen industries.
The crisis on the stock exchanges also placed on the verge of catastrophe many small and medium-sized entrepreneurs who were still in business, and who had tried to increase their circulating capital by speculating in shares.
Boyjian calculates that 44 per cent of Portuguese circulating capital in Asia derived from New Christian sources.
In some central chapters of Volume II of Capital, Marx discussed the distinction between fixed and circulating capital (henceforth, the f-c distinction) as opposed to the distinction between constant and variable capital (henceforth, the c-v distinction).
173, 176], Marx observed that "it must be regarded as a great merit that Ricardo associates the difference in fixed and circulating capital with the varying periods of turnover of capital.
In the Mediterranean province of Antalya, where hotels are plentiful, three companies were responsible for the handling of sewage: the TuraE- Tourism and Trading Company, the Circulating Capital Enterprises Center (DEuSyM) and the Turkish Marine Research Foundation (TUDAV).
The firm has problems with the circulating capital, which I hope will be resolved as soon as possible, so all these issues stop," Lazarov said, explaining that Roads Holding has assured that teams from the capital Sofia may go and help their colleagues so that work on the lot is resumed on Wednesday.
The demand for labour is given by the stock of circulating capital (or by circulating and fixed capital if each productive worker is assumed to be equipped with his share of capital goods).
Their circulating capital in the current period is that portion of their revenue 'destined for the maintenance of productive labour' (WN II.
Two other groups of agents are introduced together with consumers and producers: the owners of fixed capital goods, who finance their purchases by issuing securities, and the owners of circulating capital goods, who finance their purchases by issuing money.