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The paper, Rapid Amplification of Plasmid and Phage DNA Using Phi29 DNA Polymerase and Multiply-Primed Rolling Circle Amplification, published in the June issue of Genome Research 11:1095-1099, describes a rapid, scalable method for the amplification of circular DNA directly from bacterial cells or from viral plaques, generating high quality templates for use in DNA sequencing, probe generation or cloning.
It allows to cut DNA molecules representing elements of a PDA after ligating of transition molecules to both sides of circular DNA.
The intrahepatic HBV DNA includes cccDNA and other forms of HBV DNA such as single-stranded DNA, double-stranded linear DNA, and relaxed circular DNA.
Supercoils refer to the DNA structure in which double-stranded circular DNA twists around each other.
They describe DNA super-coiling, including its quantitative measure and the geometrical properties of closed- circular DNA, the behavior of DNA on surfaces, knots and catenanes, DNA topoisomerases, and the biological consequences of DAN topology, including genome organization, replication, control of gene expression, transcription, and recombination.
Following the method of Lund and Aust (1992; Carcinogenesis 13:637-642), we used supercoiled circular DNA from bacteriophage fX 174 as the target substrate in a highly sensitive assay to evaluate ROS-dependent damage from insoluble forms of nickel in comparison to similarly treated ROFA.
Papillomaviruses are nonenveloped DNA viruses 55 nm in diameter with an icosahedral capsid enclosing a double-stranded, circular DNA genome of 7,900 base pairs.
The ideal goal is loss of covalently closed circular DNA and loss of surface antigen" from a patient's liver cells, "but I don't think that this has been achieved in 3 years of treatment with adefovir," he said.
The researchers developed the vaccine by combining allergen genes with a particular circular DNA sequence that makes it easy to develop another kind of immune cell.
Thus, in the presence of circular DNA, Phi29 DNA polymerase, and nucleotides, the rolling circle reaction produces a concatamer of the complement of the circular DNA sequence that extends from the end of the original primer remaining attached to the antibody.
The three species of bacteria are closely related, differing mainly in their plasmids (plasmids are circular DNA molecules that replicate independently of the chromosome).
An increase in the molecular weight of that circular DNA strand provided clear proof that RAG1 and RAG2 had all the skills of a true transposase.