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a device that trips like a switch and opens the circuit when overloaded

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With FDI expected to increase even further, several other sectors, such as real estate, manufacturing, and tourism, are anticipated to strengthen over the coming years, thereby generating more demand for circuit breakers in the Myanmar market.
[ClickPress, Wed Aug 21 2019] This MRRSE study offers a ten-year analysis and forecast of the global residual current circuit breakers market for the period between 2018 and 2028.
Participation in this project is evidence of our proven success with circuit breakers and dividers and reinforces our strategic position in China while paving the way for future worldwide projects of this magnitude.'
Government initiatives such as the Saudi Vision 2030 and the National Transformation Plan 2020 would help boost Saudi Arabia's residential, commercial and power utilities sectors with the development of new houses, hotels, economic cities, entertainment cities and power plants which would subsequently increase the demand for circuit breakers during the forecast period.
The insurance company, however, refuses to write a homeowner's policy unless the electric panel is upgraded to circuit breakers. They say that a fused electrical system is unsafe.
Conventional (mechanical) circuit breakers are used to provide the protection of the power system from any fault.
With all deice and anti-ice equipment energized, the right number 1 dual-fed bus circuit breaker (p/n 70-000150) tripped with no loss of equipment system.
MyRemoteCare acquires diagnostic information from many sources: intelligent electronic devices, smart circuit breakers, sensors and integrated diagnostic systems.
* 2 new device circuit breakers, with 4- and 8-channel options.
Some stock exchanges employ circuit breakers that have a wider range than what China has.
Late on Thursday, China's securities regulator announced a suspension in circuit breakers after just four days operating the mechanism, saying it had not worked as anticipated in actual situations and was doing more bad than good.
With diamond block matching algorithm, we can track pull rod and spindle auxiliary markers and obtain moving contact travel-time curve of circuit breaker. Figure 5 shows calculation of breaker travel-time curve according to auxiliary marker centroid line of rotational angle in the process of circuit breakers motion.
Items enjoying particularly strong demand in 2014 were medium voltage vacuum circuit breakers, while in 2013 fast-selling products were air circuit breakers, moulded case circuit breakers and magnetic contactors, said LSIS head of Gulf sales Mohamed Rashid Manoly.