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a printed circuit that can be inserted into expansion slots in a computer to increase the computer's capabilities

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Nasdaq-NNM: MWAV), the leading supplier of microwave circuit boards for wireless communications including cellular telephones -- the fastest- growing sector of the
They began scouring the electronics world for scrap materials, often experimenting with the look and texture of different kinds of circuit boards, transistors and fuses.
That means electrons can move on the feather-based printed circuit boards at twice the speed as traditional circuit boards.
a provider of high velocity, quick-turn printed circuit board fabrication services for a total purchase price of $43.
New grades of PPS and silicone molding materials, and a completely new polymer for circuit boards, were announced at two recent electronics shows--NEPCON West '92 in Anaheim, Calif.
These companies specialize in the manufacturing of advanced circuit boards and other high tech products for military and high-tech clients, such as Textron, and generated record revenues in 2006.
is a leading manufacturer of high-precision, higher-layer count, multilayer rigid circuit boards for the information and datacommunications markets.
JJA), announced today that they have entered a long-term licensing agreement and formed a strategic partnership that will further ensure availability of Copper-Aluminum-Copper (CAC(TM)) laminated foil, a patented JJA material, to the printed circuit board industry worldwide.
ASSET's DFT Analyzer was one of three finalists in the printed circuit board (PCB) design tool category.
Sigrity's PowerSI solution, optimized for and focused on frequency-domain analysis, is known for its ability to provide fast, accurate full-wave electrical analysis of leading-edge integrated circuit (IC) packages and printed circuit boards (PCBs).
is the only provider of a thermally and electrically conductive carbon composite material, STABLCOR([R]) which, when incorporated in printed circuit boards and substrates, controls heat, thermal expansion and increases the rigidity and strength of circuit boards without increasing the weight.
Advanced Circuits, the country's leading source for quickturn printed circuit boards, today announced the extended availability of its sales support team to meet the needs of the company's growing customer base and continue its commitment to customer excellence.
The Company also operates Titan PCB, a well-known manufacturer of printed circuit boards with facilities in California and Massachusetts.
Advanced Circuits, the country's leading source for quickturn printed circuit boards, today announced its "SAME-DAY" and "WEEKEND WONDERS" printed circuit board (PCB) turn-time services, satisfying the needs of customers with 24-hour, next business day delivery requirements.