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a printed circuit that can be inserted into expansion slots in a computer to increase the computer's capabilities

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It enables collective pressing with conventional glass epoxy circuit board materials for multi-layered module circuit boards with integrated antenna.
Summary: Osaka [Japan], Jan 11 (ANI): Consumer electronics leader Panasonic has developed a Halogen-free ultra-low transmission loss circuit board material.
Given the differences between keratin-based circuit boards and traditional ones, Jones notes that it will be necessary to conduct many comparative studies to determine the overall improvement.
Because of such recycling efforts, staff at both companies often struggle to find circuit boards free of scratches and scuff marks.
To them, a copper sheet was a copper sheet, a circuit board a circuit board, and a job a job.
Since 1989, Advanced Circuits has been a leading printed circuit board manufacturer specializing in engineering prototypes and quickturn production boards with the industry's best on-time shipping record.
The Lucent chip set is also programmable via software, giving users the ability to adapt their circuit boards to virtually any worldwide telecommunications standard via software rather than invest in additional hardware.
OTCBB:TTGL), a high-growth diversified holding company, invites investors to view a transcript of the Company's recent investor conference call, during which President and Chief Executive Officer Bryan Chance detailed the Company's definitive strategic plan to spin-off its Printed Circuit Board (Titan PCB) manufacturing business to its shareholders, creating a new, more strategic public entity.
ASSET's ScanWorks[R] test system and the DFT Analyzer[TM] circuit board design tool are affordable, easy-to-use and powerful.
Sigrity's PowerSI solution, optimized for and focused on frequency-domain analysis, is known for its ability to provide fast, accurate full-wave electrical analysis of leading-edge integrated circuit (IC) packages and printed circuit boards (PCBs).
Eltek is Israel's leading manufacturers of printed circuit boards, the core circuitry of most electronic devices.
Advanced Circuits, the country's leading source for quickturn printed circuit boards, today announced the extended availability of its sales support team to meet the needs of the company's growing customer base and continue its commitment to customer excellence.
The Company also operates Titan PCB, a well-known manufacturer of printed circuit boards with facilities in California and Massachusetts.
Advanced Circuits, the country's leading source for quickturn printed circuit boards, today announced its "SAME-DAY" and "WEEKEND WONDERS" printed circuit board (PCB) turn-time services, satisfying the needs of customers with 24-hour, next business day delivery requirements.