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Synonyms for disorder

Synonyms for disorder

a lack of civil order or peace

an interruption of regular procedure or of public peace

a pathological condition of mind or body

the condition of being sick

to put into total disorder

to put (the hair or clothes) into a state of disarray

to disturb the health or physiological functioning of

Synonyms for disorder

a physical condition in which there is a disturbance of normal functioning

disturb in mind or make uneasy or cause to be worried or alarmed

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Among the causes of insomnia and sleepiness, possibly the most neglected ones are those related to circadian rhythm sleep disorders (CRSD) (3-5).
The International Classification of Sleep Disorders has divided them into four categories by possible cause: intrinsic sleep disorders, parasomnias, circadian rhythm sleep disorders, and extrinsic sleep disorders.
Sleep Profiler provides clinicians a powerful new tool to objectively assess the impact of sleep quality management on chronic diseases, and differentiate sleep state misperception from insomnia and circadian rhythm sleep disorders.
The topics include sleep stages and basic sleep monitoring, neurobiology of sleep, subjective and objective measures of daytime sleepiness, positive airway pressure treatment, circadian rhythm sleep disorders, and sleep and neurological disorders.
This clinical trial report, Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders Global Clinical Trials Review, H2, 2012" provides data on the Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders clinical trial scenario.
Assessment of excessive sleepiness and insomnia as they relate to circadian rhythm sleep disorders.
Global Markets Direct's, 'Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders - Pipeline Review, H1 2012', provides an overview of the Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders therapeutic pipeline.