circadian rhythm

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a daily cycle of activity observed in many living organisms

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2) He proposed that exposure to light at night (LAN) disrupted melatonin production and the circadian cycle.
He says that what prompted his search was a series of animal experiments by others that had shown that blind rodents lacking functional rods and cones still maintain their 24-hour, light-synchronized circadian cycles.
These kids' circadian cycles are already hammered by their biology.
To overcome the problems of wide variations in diseased animals and circadian cycles, we adopted a novel approach using a mixed-effects model to investigate whether ambient particle exposure was associated with changes in heart rate and blood pressure in pulmonary hypertensive rats.
The circadian cycles established by this clock occur throughout nature and have a period of approximately 24 hours.
Only eight people took part in the study (all healthy young men), but the five who got bright lights and dark bedrooms actually change their circadian cycles, as indicated by a shift in the low point of their body temperature to a later mid-afternoon hour.
Moreover, genetic mutants lacking circadian cycles of rest and activity died more quickly on infection with these pathogens than normal flies did.