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a daily cycle of activity observed in many living organisms

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He said: "Sleeping during the day can throw off your circadian cycle and impact future sleep.
Under the project, entitled "A Spectrally Dynamic Berth Light for Active Circadian Cycle Management," Energy Focus will further develop solid-state lighting technology for a naval berth light that will effectively reset a sailor's body clock for environments where the natural circadian rhythm is frequently disrupted.
In an attempt to get a better understanding of the effects that shift work has on people, their health, their performance, and their families, it is necessary to look at the history of shift work and the circadian cycle.
Results showed that this colony, subjected to a light-reversal circadian cycle (darkness ca.
The level of the disturbance is similar to that seen in clinical insomnia, and the mechanism seems to be a disruption of the normal circadian cycle of sleep and activity
This point of view tends to shortchange the two thirds to three fourths of each circadian cycle where "the action" usually resides.
The body's circadian cycle is a 24-hour cycle which controls functions such as body temperature, digestion and respiration and induces us to fall asleep at night and stay awake during daylight hours.
This difference in responses can be represented by a phase-response curve (see figure 1 for a schematic illustration of a circadian cycle as well as a phase-response curve).
This 24-hour light-dark circadian cycle is derived from the Latin circa ("about") and dies ("dies").
The same amounts of food eaten at different times during the circadian cycle will have different effects.
Research team members hypothesize that periods of blue light, like daylight, can help regulate the sleep-wake rhythm, which is a behavioral pattern linked to the 24-hour biochemical circadian cycle of the hormone melatonin.
It has also been suggested, based on studies with nocturnal animals, that disrupting a regular, 24-hour circadian cycle with irregular light exposures can increase cancer incidence (4, 5).
The research group also showed that the cyanobacteria enter a resting phase about 19 hours into the circadian cycle, after which they will not divide until the next cycle begins.
Serotonin helps regulate the brain's circadian cycle and also plays a large role in mood.