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an oral antibiotic (trade name Cipro) used against serious bacterial infections of the skin or respiratory tract or urinary tract or bones or joints

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Cipro said the pilot program will save cities and towns money, because applicants will be ready immediately to join police departments with complete training in Worcester and in the military.
Este ensayo clinico aleatorizado evaluo los efectos clinicos y microbiologicos del RAR en combinacion con antibioticos adjuntos (MOX versus CIPRO + MET) en el tratamiento de sujetos con periodontitis cronica asociada a BEGN.
Bayer countered that it won every other challenge to its Cipro patent, including a Mylan Inc.
In the Cipro case, they felt bound by Tamoxifen," says Crowell & Moring Partner Daniel Edelman.
A gramatica de Cipro Neto e Infante classifica tal adverbio como de tempo; enquanto que a de Cereja e Magalhaes, como de negacao.
Cipro is used for serious, tougher-to-treat infections.
Executives should have used the anthrax crisis, and Cipro, as a way to firmly reestablish Bayer as a trusted brand in tough times.
With this in mind, a couple of years ago, the researchers loaded a polymer full of the antibiotic ciprofloxacin, or Cipro, a powerful broad-spectrum drug now widely known for its use in combating anthrax.
Three generic makers said they could make Cipro for 40 cents a pill, less than one-tenth of the pre-September 11 average wholesale price--though their hands were hardly clean either: Generic manufacturers have accepted more than $200 million from Bayer over the past several years not to make Cipro.
public health system responded by putting thousands of people on Cipro.
While they are prescribed far more commonly for urinary tract infections, it is their effectiveness for treating anthrax that has made Cipro a household word.
the fact that workers on Capitol Hill were immediately evacuated, tested for anthrax and given weekslong supplies of Cipro, while postal workers weren't told of the high level of risk they operated under, weren't tested once the anthrax was found in their midst and were given only short-term doses of the drug.
The outrage among postal workers neglected for treatment, and the run on the anthrax drug, Cipro, may be an inkling of what lies ahead.
American Pie actress SHANNON ELIZABETH says: 'I carry the anthrax-fighting drug Cipro with me.
Penicillin and Cipro are the antibiotics effective against it.