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an oral antibiotic (trade name Cipro) used against serious bacterial infections of the skin or respiratory tract or urinary tract or bones or joints

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Both ORBIT-3 and ORBIT-4 presented uncertainties related to the long-term use of cipro DI.
In return, Barr agreed not to market generic Cipro before Bayer's patent expired.
Caprice said she was now taking alternative drugs instead of Cipro. She showed them to the court and when she struggled to read the labels, she said: "I'm having a blonde moment, I guess."
The proportion of Campylobacter infections that are resistant to Cipro and other drugs in its class has increased significantly--to 21 percent, according to a 2002 study--since the use of Baytril in poultry was approved in the United States.
Are amoxicillin-clavulanate (Augmentin) and ciprofloxacin (Cipro) equivalent as a 3-day treatment for uncomplicated cystitis in women?
Antineoplastics, such as Arimidex and tamoxifen, and even certain antibiotics, such as Bactrim, Flagyl, and Cipro, can induce depression or depressive-like symptoms.
85 percent of all pharmaceuticals (including the antibiotic Cipro, used to treat anthrax), flak jackets, military and police helmets, bullet resistant glass, alloys unused in aircraft and missiles, and more.
Fluoroquinolones, the class of antibiotics that includes the anthrax-fighting drug Cipro, actually trigger the activity of phage genes--and thus can increase production of Shiga toxin, notes Waldor.
We both know she's not good in a crisis; but that's OK, because I'm the type who's had a flashlight, Cipro, and a National Guard-issued P100 toxic dust mask on hand for more than a year.
Fluoroquinolones, powerful drugs similar to the Cipro handed out during the anthrax scare in Washington, are far more stringently prescribed for animals than humans.
filed a new drug application for Cipro XR with the Food and Drug Administration in March 2002.
Growing concern about this common industry practice, which may reduce the effectiveness of life-saving human drugs like Cipro, also led Tyson Foods, Perdue, and Foster Farms to announce in February that they have eliminated or reduced the amount of antibiotics routinely fed to healthy chickens.