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the activity of converting data or information into code

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The software prevents inference of keywords because queries for each search-even previously entered keywords-are encrypted into another individual ciphertext.
c] represents the operation in the ciphertext C, "[left arrow]" and represents "homomorphic encryption can be directly obtained by calculating from the ciphertext"; namely, it does not exist in the middle of the decryption process.
Attribute-Based Encryption: In some scenarios, the recipient of the ciphertext is not yet known at the time of the encryption or there are more than one recipient who should be able to decrypt the ciphertext.
In our scheme, only receivers can decrypt ciphertexts and the amount of calculation computed on user's terminals is little.
1] simulates the numbers and ciphertexts received by [P.
Collusion resistant broadcast encryption with short ciphertexts and private keys.
It would be desirable to have an acceptably secure encryption process that would render a database of identifying information useless to an attacker without a key, but that would produce ciphertext in the same formatas the plaintext.
As noted in the introduction, given a secret bit b and a secret key K, we cannot simply publish b under K if we may also publish 0 or 1 under K: an attacker could deduce the value of b by comparing ciphertexts.
The ciphertext consists of the two successive vectors x(T) and x(T + 1).
Then, the user encrypts each word in the set, and their ciphertexts are as the trapdoor of the searched word.
RSA can defend against Brute Force attacks, Mathematical attacks, Timing attacks and Chosen Ciphertext attacks.
Encrypt(S, PK) algorithm outputs a pair (Hdr, K), where Hdr is the broadcast ciphertext, and the key K [member of] K is a symmetric multicast session key.
2] exponentiations of ElGamal ciphertexts (which is equivalent to 4[(n').
It can be seen that the distribution of the PPTM A's view in the simulation is identical to that A is playing in a real CAE scheme except the failure of signature-verification-oracle queries for some valid authenticated ciphertexts.
Therefore, to secure the code from being broken by data subtraction, it is again better to iterate equation (1) several times to obtain the ciphertexts.