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the activity of converting data or information into code

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The DCT quantized coefficients change after the noise affecting cipher text.
This cryptanalysis method computes the number of occurrences of characters in the cipher text and plain text.
The simulation results show that the scrambling degree of the encrypted image is high and the correlation between adjacent pixels is small, the anti-aggressively is stronger and the security is higher, through the analysis of the correlation between plaintext and cipher text image, we made a further proof that the encryption image has better effect.
Hidden cipher text message bits are recovered from the palette indices of the closest colour in the palette.
The hub contains three components: a centralized encryption key manager to manage the lifecycle of keys; a token server to encrypt data and generate tokens; and a central data vault to hold the encrypted values, or cipher text.
Exclusive OR this intermediate cipher text bits with that of the key K2 to make the cipher text C very complex.
Security metadata and operational encryption keys should be kept in cipher text (even when stored in memory) until needed for use by crypto-services routines.
The aim is to provide increased protection against certain attacks like dictionary attacks and matching cipher text attacks, which exploit the short message-block size of DES.
Criminals typically use homemade, simple substitution cipher systems which use a single cipher text character to replace a plain text character.
The algorithm jumbles the data and cipher text exits via the output.
It also adds that the algorithm may be implemented in a small number of gates, and cipher text can be produced in a minimum number of clock ticks.
Then the items in the database are encrypted with a substitution cipher text after the insertion of fictitious transactions into the cipher text.
The cipher text generated by a crypto system looks like random noise.
Both an input plain text P and an output cipher text C are 64 bits.
In RSA the cipher text C is obtained for the plaintext message M [member of] [z.