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the activity of converting data or information into code

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A weak key schedule generates nonrandom and related sub keys which make even a strong cipher algorithm vulnerable to attacks.
AES cipher algorithm managed to attain both of these properties, however in the key schedule; it is somewhat less rigorous in obtaining these properties [14].
The message is encrypted using the block cipher algorithm in CBC mode to create a chain of blocks.
8] CLEFIA: A block cipher algorithm developed by Sony in 2007.
The addition of Snow3G encryption to the company's Long Term Evolution (LTE) products will enable network equipment providers (NEPs) and mobile operators to leverage the latest block cipher algorithm for authentication and network security while complying with the Third Generation Partnership Project's (3GPP's) rigorous specifications for encryption.
Somdip Dey, Joyshree Nath, Asoke Nath,"An Integrated Symmetric Key Cryptographic Method-Amalgamation of TTJSA Algorithm, Advanced Caesar Cipher Algorithm, Bit Rotation and Reversal Method: SJA Algorithm", IJMECS, vol.
Tokyo, Japan, Mar 23, 2007 - (JCN Newswire) - Sony Corporation today announced "CLEFIA",[1] a new highly secure and efficient block cipher algorithm that delivers advanced copyright protection and authentication, which is essential in the growing environment of digital data distribution, such as music and images.
TOKYO -- Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (President and CEO: Tamotsu Nomakuchi) announced today that the 64-bit block cipher algorithm it has developed MISTY(1) will be used as an international standard in ISO/IEC(2).
In cyptography, block cipher algorithms are used to encrypt a message or block of plaintext with a fixed-length [1].
Overall there are two approaches to protecting your data; first is access to data stores (e-mail, social media, online file sharing) with a minimum of 12 character passwords and second, encrypted key data files with strong cipher algorithms.