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Antitermitic activity of leaf essential oils and components from Cinnamomum osmophleum.
Cinnamomum zeylanicum (cinnamon) has been traditionally used for a variety of indications, including conditions of inflammation- and pain-related disorders.
Anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity of Cinnamomum zeylanicum leaf oil.
Insecticidal activities of the leaf oils of eight Cinnamomum species against Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus.
floribunda, Solanum khasianum, Artemisinin, Genus Artemisia, Zanthoxylum Species, Genus Clerodendron, Cinnamomum Species, natural dyes from plants, Zeolites, Zeolite analogue and Zeotype, Hydrotalcites, Anticancer Agents, Taxol, etc.
caspius larvae Scientific name Common name Mean % of mosquitocidal activity [+ or -] SE Dead larvae Cinnamomum cassia Cinnamon 24 [+ or -] 4.
INCI: Propanediol, water, cinnamomum zeylanicum bark extract
The evergreen bush, Cinnamomum subavenium, is a close relative of the trees whose inner bark is the source of cinnamon.
Drug Medical Use Plant Species Aspirin Analgesic, inflammation Filipendula ulmaria Atropine Ophthalmology Atropo belladonna Camphor Rheumatic pain Cinnamomum camphora Morphine Analgesic Papaver somniferum Quinine Malaria prophylaxis Cinchona pubescens Reserpine Hypertension Rauvolfia serpentina Vinblastine Hodgkin's disease Catharanthus roseus Drug Family Aspirin Rosaceae Atropine Solanaceae Camphor Lauraceae Morphine Papaveraceae Quinine Rubiaceae Reserpine Apocynaceae Vinblastine Apocynaceae Table 2.
Camphor was originally obtained by distillation of the bark from the camphor tree, Cinnamomum camphora.
Mae'r 'camphor tree' yn tyfu yn Nwyrain sia a'i enw Lladin yw Cinnamomum Camphora - yr un genus Cinnamon.
The most common varieties are the Cinnamomum zeylancium or Ceylon cinnamon, and Cinnamomum aromaticum, or Chinese cinnamon.
Cinnamon gets its taste from cinnamaldehyde, a naturally occurring product in the bark of cinnamon trees and other species of the genus Cinnamomum.