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Synonyms for Sinhala

the Indic language spoken by the people of Sri Lanka

of or relating to the Sinhalese languages

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Abbiamo girato nel quartiere dove vive la comunita cingalese, sono piu di 7000.
Among the better off, however, Sunday high tea, included - in Mrs Beeton's estimate - cold salmon, pigeon, veal, fruits, cakes, and clotted cream - all of it sent on its way through already-overloaded bodies with tea provided by the Birmingham tea merchant, Thomas Ridgway, or Brooke Bond (if you're living in Manchester), Lipton's or Mazawattee, a word I've always found mysterious, but here, explained, as a combination of the Hindi word for luscious (mazatha) and the Cingalese "wattee" (or garden).
Amongst the items sold after his death in 1833 at his country house in Monmouthshire and most probably originating in Ceylon was a 'magnificent Bookcase of Coromandel [calamander] wood; cabinets filled with rare Indian birds stuffed; Shells; numerous Cingalese Books and Gold and Silver ornaments [etc.
10) James Callaway, Vocabulary with Useful Phrases, and Familiar Dialogues in the English, Portuguese and Cingalese Languages (Colombo: Wesleyan Missionary Press, 1818).
Il mio vicino e cingalese e il fornaio parla solo masai, / anche il postino e siberiano e dice cose che non capiro mai.