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a large vase that usually has a pedestal or feet

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a large pot for making coffee or tea

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17) The closest parallel to our piece, the aforementioned Berlin vessel on loan to Potsdam, was surely intended as a cinerary urn, since it has a blank panel for an inscription.
Excavations in the eighth to second century BC 'Precinct of Tanit' in Tunisia have yielded thousands of cinerary urns containing the cremated remains of infants, often surmounted by carved stone markers (stelae or cippi), some of which bear Phoenician inscriptions.
Numerous excavations have been carried out at this site, yielding the cremated remains of thousands of human infants and also immature ovicaprines or birds, interred in cinerary urns within a restricted 'sacred' area.
Together, the tombs housed 434 loculi for corpses, eight niches for cinerary urns, and three sarcophagi.