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projects successive frames from a reel of film to create moving pictures

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The main highlight is the official launch of the Christie CP4325-RGB pure laser cinema projector, which delivers a premium movie-going experience to mainstream theatres.
Further raising the portfolio of its professional solutions category, Sony India today launched the VPL-VW320ES home cinema projector with 4K HDR capability.
CHICAGO -- NEC Display Solutions of America, a leading provider of commercial LCD display and projector solutions, announced today the newest model in its Digital Cinema Projector Series, the NC900C, has earned full Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) compliance.
We are sure that the Super Lumis will become the new benchmark for three-chip DLP-based high-end home cinema projectors in the major markets around the world, as it has done here in the UK and in the US.
BenQ, a major provider of digital lifestyle innovations, has launched its first 3D Full HD home cinema projector in the Middle East.
The 83-year-old scooped five prizes in the rollover, which included a home cinema projector.
Delivering precise 2K (2048 x 1080) resolution and high contrast images (2000:1), the NC2500S digital cinema projector is easy to operate, extremely user friendly, and requires minimal maintenance.
It would work by stitching an artificial muscle to the eyeball and squeezing it to change the shape of the eyeball - in much the same way as a cinema projector focuses.
As part of NEC's Digital Cinema Projector Series, the NC900C projector delivers 2K DCI-compliant cinema quality, which translates to an image brightness of 14-ft-L (using a 1.
LONDON -- Due to the move from traditional projectors to digital cinema projectors, the digital cinema projector market is poised to witness strong growth worldwide in the short run.
Compact DCI-Certified Digital Cinema Projector Offers S2K Chipset to Small-Sized Screens
Michael Bosworth, General Manager, Christie Australia, said, Were delighted that independent exhibitors such as Showbiz Cinemas Ballarat and Sun Theatre have placed their trust in our CP2208-LP cinema projector, which marks a new level of digital projection.
HFR content will be demonstrated on the NC2000C digital cinema projector in the Milano Meeting Suite by appointment.
The CP4325-RGB cinema projector is engineered from the ground-up in Christies world-class research, development and manufacturing facility, and will deliver an all-new platform offering an affordable, reliable and performance-driven cinematic experience, developed specifically to meet the needs of mainstream cinemas, said Jason Pei, Deputy General Manager, Christie China.