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a light concrete building block made with cinder aggregate

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According to the criminal complaint, the 15-year-old told police the attack lasted more than an hour, and that the trio took turns picking up cinder blocks over their heads and smashing them into the faces of the men.
Then they unscrew the barrel, attach a thread protector and use the barrel to beat a cinder block into, well, cinders.
With the cinder blocks and tile ripped out, the yard is now home to a grapefruit, a persimmon, and three kinds of orange trees; a California oak; jasmine and bougainvillea; and lots of bamboo and ferns--as well as an outdoor living room, a dining room, and a tub.
Paint penetrates cinder blocks because of their porous nature.
In an adjacent gallery, a series of four photographs focused on the letter X, as constructed by the artist (variously using letters of cinder block and cardboard painted black) and as "found" (spray-painted on a police-car door and tracing a residue of glue).
The room was decorated with bare cinder block walls and flypaper.
Abu Obeid gets cement from tunnels that are used to bypass the blockages and makes gravel - his second key ingredient - by recycling broken cement slabs and cinder blocks of buildings destroyed in Israel's three-week military offensive against Gaza 19 months ago.
The coffin contains three walls of cinder blocks with a thick metal slab on top, with several sandbags atop the metal slab.
the light of interrogation lamps, the cerement halos of cinder blocks.
The article said the hotel was built of cinder blocks, while the hotel owners dismissed those allegations.
He adds that concrete claws for cleaner and more efficient removal of concrete from the jobsite, jib booms for carrying heavy objects and pallet forks for picking up lumber, cinder blocks or reclaimed brick are also part of the skid steer's arsenal of attachments.
The NIST team considered doing parking lot simulations using cinder blocks and rebar but realized that it might be able to get more-realistic data.
Restoration of 140 West Street's facade required 520,000 bricks, 22,500 cinder blocks, and 93 tons of structural steel.
ExxonMobil's new Nexxstar film boasts extreme puncture resistance for sharp, abrasive loads like cinder blocks and bricks.