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a city in southern Ohio on the Ohio river

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She insisted on leaving Cincinnati that night, saying that if they stayed until morning the owner of the money would be sure to find them out and make trouble.
In Cincinnati he had lived in a neighborhood where gangs of tough boys prowled through the streets, and all through his early forma- tive years he ran about with tough boys.
In Cincinnati, when he lived there, Tom had found out many things, things about ugliness and crime and lust.
Then he thought of a storm that had gone roaring through Winesburg several days before and, his mind going back, he relived the night he had spent on the train with his grandmother when the two were coming from Cincinnati.
In Cincinnati he became acquainted with the old aunt, and had found means to open her mouth.
About Kingsgate Marriott Conference Center at the University of Cincinnati The essence of convenience and comfort, the Kingsgate Marriott Conference Center at the University of Cincinnati is the premier University of Cincinnati hotel.
As a native Cincinnatian, I always understood that Cincinnati had a hard time finding its identity, its Founding Fathers believing in freedom, but for whites only, not for those of a different hue.
The Cincinnati Ballet's fortieth-anniversary season opener, "Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo--The Golden Years (Dance, Sets, and Costumes)," features George Balanchine's La Sonnambula and rare excerpts from Leonide Massine's Seventh Symphony (1938) and Sir Frederick Ashton's Devil's Holiday (1939), a "lost" ballet that hasn't been performed since the Ballet Russe's demise.
Cincinnati opponents are shooting 37 percent from the field this season.
It was a scene not unlike those in Cincinnati and other cities in the 1960s' battle for civil rights for all Americans.
From the Cincinnati Zoo to expansive Eden Park with its playhouse and the Cincinnati Art Museum, there is a lot to experience.
And yet Cincinnati has little to show for the effort, other than some white-elephant public works projects and the wreckage--physical and emotional--from this spring's riots.
CINCINNATI -- A partnership between an inner-city high school and a local telecom company that goes well beyond financial contributions received prime-time attention on a national evening news program.
SP Mark Portugal Cincinnati Philadelphia Free Agent
Hughes Center High School for Teaching & Technology, Cincinnati will be working with The Cincinnati Human Relations Commission (CHRC)