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tropical Asian tree with aromatic yellowish-brown bark

spice from the dried aromatic bark of the Ceylon cinnamon tree

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Cinamon, Department of School Counseling and Special Education, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel.
We are concerned that if people stop going to the dentist there will not only be an increase in tooth decay and gum disease but in a whole range of health problems," says Kate Cinamon.
Another tip for a truly festive atmosphere is to pop a few real cinamon sticks into the greenery for a wonderfully warm, Christmas aroma.
Hannah Cinamon, from the Health Education Authority, said: "We hope this will make drug users seriously consider the long-term implications of taking Ecstasy.
the leading provider of open source systems management software, today announced three key executive appointments: William Hurley as chief technology officer (CTO), Eran Cinamon as vice president of research and development, and Don Langley as vice president of sales for the Western region.
Israeli parents' views of career education, Cinamon and Dan
Campaign spokeswoman Cinamon Watson told political reporters that Mr.
CONTACT: Tracey Schmitt, 512-637-7777; or in Colorado: Cinamon Watson, 303-949-7264; both of Bush for President.
Examining work-family conflict among women in central Israeli culture, Cinamon found that Jewish women reported more work-family conflict compared with Arab women.
I've talked to several people who can't recall this kind of negative smear tactic in a Republican primary," said Cinamon Watson, a spokeswoman for the Coors campaign.
For more information or to speak with project managers, contact Cinamon Watson (303-298-9630 ext.
Cinamon (2007) highlighted the challenges of merging standardized quantitative outcome measures with locally constructed narratives in her study of Israeli youth at risk for school dropout (i.
Cinamon and Rich's (2001) research on the importance of life roles in relation to work-family conflict has also indicated that role importance can be interpreted in diverse ways but leads to similar outcomes.
In Israel, Flum and Cinamon examined 338 teachers' attitudes toward career education.
Indeed, Cinamon and Rich (2005) found that many general variables established by research as antecedents of WFC among female managers and high-tech workers did not explain teachers' WFC.