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Synonyms for cinnamon

tropical Asian tree with aromatic yellowish-brown bark

spice from the dried aromatic bark of the Ceylon cinnamon tree

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Cinamon (2010) mentioned that these unfavorable beliefs may persuade students to scale back their career plans to avoid future conflict.
To make them you need to make a poaching liquor of 400ml of quality red wine, about 80-100g of granulated sugar (the sweetness of the wine will dictate the amount of sugar needed), one cinamon stick, one star anis and four cloves.
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Algunos estudios han sugerido que este desarrollo de carrera mas lento en el caso de la mujer se comienza a gestar en la vida universitaria, en donde se producirian cambios en las actitudes de hombres y mujeres con respecto a los roles que ejerceran en el futuro (Bryant, 2003; Cinamon & Rich, 2002b).
These opportunities could be created through value addition to the Sri Lankan spices and also promoting Cinamon as a National Brand namely 'Pure Ceylon Cinnamon'.
Por todo ello, el trabajo productivo es fuente de satisfaccion para la mujer, pero tambien genera estres y ansiedad debido a los problemas derivados de la conciliacion (Aronson, 1999; Cinamon & Rich, 2002; Dilworth, 2004; Martinez, Vera, Paterna & Alcazar, 2002; Moen & Yu, 2000).
Peeter is, on the other hand, in charge of organizing cinemas and concerts--he is behind the opening of Solaris Shopping center in Tallinn, where the Nokia Concert Hall is located, and runs Artis, Cinamon and Soprus cinemas, among others.
You will need: Honey 800 gm, Breakfast sugar, Water, Egg, Veg Soda, Milk, Baking Powder, Ginger Powder, Cinamon powder, Flour 2000gm Method: Heat honey with breakfast sugar and water.
Cinamon and Rich (2002) suggested that organizations may benefit from incorporating an individual profile approach to understanding how people divide their resources and how they behave in each of their salient roles.
Individuals subscribing to traditional gender roles hold the normative belief that men should be the breadwinners for the family, with women taking on the roles of caretakers and nurturers (Archer & Lloyd, 2002; Cinamon & Rich, 2002; Eagly, 1983).
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Rhaid imi gyfaddef yn ystod yr wythnosau diwethaf, i mi o hirbell, fod y tu hwnt o genfigennus o bawb oedd yn cael mwynhau'r gwahanol ddanteithion yn sgil Gwyl Fwyd Indiaidd Caerdydd a drefnwyd gan Berwyn, ac ambell fora yn teimlo fel neidio ar awyren ym Maes Awyr Ynys Mon, a hedfan yno i gael blasu cynnyrch tai bwyta fel Spice Merchant, Cinamon Tree, Spice Route, Punithas a Mango House sef rhai o oreuon y ddinas.
Reducing Teachers' Work-Family Conflict: From Theory to Practice Rachel Gali Cinamon and Yisrael Rich
Cheekai is a Chinese name, Cinamon is from the food and Tootums is Kim's nickname.
Coors spokesman Cinamon Watson confirmed last week that Coors had made the donation to his own campaign.