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the part of the tunic of the eye between the choroid coat and the iris

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Chronologically, the pigmented and nonpigmented ciliary epithelial tissue develop first, followed by the ciliary processes and zonules, and finally the pars plana, ciliary body stroma, and ciliary muscles.
They innervate the ciliary body (central stroma and stroma of the ciliary processes), the iris, and parts of the iridocorneal angle.
(10) Anterior PRVS has been described with the following features: retrolental vascular membrane, elongated ciliary processes, shallow anterior chamber, and thin lens.
The most common findings in the iris, ciliary body and ciliary processes were vascular congestion, edema and perivasculitis, notably characterized by the presence of plasma cells and macrophages.
Six percent of the eyes (3/46) had four haptics located in the ciliary sulcus (Figure 9(a)), 70% of the eyes (32/46) had four haptics located in the ciliary processes (Figure 9(b)), and 24% eyes (11/46) had haptics located either in the ciliary processes or in the ciliary sulcus.
Evidence of a high-activity C type of carbonic anhydrase in human ciliary processes. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci.
It acts by blocking beta-2 receptors in the ciliary processes and thus reducing aqueous production.