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Synonyms for sapodilla

large tropical American evergreen yielding chicle gum and edible fruit

tropical fruit with a rough brownish skin and very sweet brownish pulp

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It is Ciku's first book, and she's already working on her second one.
Effects of modified atmosphere packaging on the physicochemical characteristics of ciku (Achras sapota L.) at various storage temperatures.
Ciku dreams of designing her own line of clothing in the future.
"The government told (the aid groups) a month ago that the situation would be bad, but they haven't done a thing," Mr Ciku said.
Ciku nods and steps out of the room, closing the door gently behind her.
Ciku, a 19-year-old mother of two, found herself on the streets about four years ago when she fell out with her boyfriend.
class="MsoNormalAbout 20 minutes later, and almost 10 minutes after Ciku walks in to tell me about the guests, I finally surface from my report and make my way into the boardroom, where I find three people ndash including Louise.
class="MsoNormalSuddenly my door bursts open and Ciku comes bursting in.
figure By LIZ LUNDI Ciku follows me into Chris' office and closes the door behind her.
"So what did you do next?" class="MsoNormalspan xml:lang="EN-GBI tell her how I then summoned Frank to Chris' office and told Ciku to tell him the boss' is looking for him.
This is her second cocktail book following the Nairobi Cocktail which was published in 2014.Besides writing, Ciku Kimani is also an aspiring farmer with a muse for what she calls "the village life", which also inspires her blog, The villager.What are the three most memorable books from your childhood?
And there's more ndash and this is probably the only time I have appreciated how useful Ciku, with her nose for gossip and penchant for getting herself right in the middle of other people's business, can be.
Can we do this later?" I nod hastily, dab my eyes with a bit of tissue and stand up to leave, hoping my eyes are not so red that Ciku can see my distress.
I hurriedly shut everything down and decide, rather than send an email to Ciku telling her that I am leaving early, I should pop by Chris' office and let him know I am leaving seeing as he is still my boss, after all and use the opportunity to confirm that we are still on for dinner.And so, without giving it a second thought, I quickly make my way past Ciku's desk towards Chris' office and reach for the doorknob without thinking twice about it.
Grup 2 Grup 1 (Kabul edilebilir Parametre (Bozuk denge n = 71) denge n = 65) Yatis FBO-motor 31,56 [+ or -] 12,09 49,90 [+ or -] 12,01 Cikus FBO-motor 38,15 [+ or -] 12,85 58,95 [+ or -] 11,70 Kazanc FBO-motor 6,70 [+ or -] 5,45 9,04 [+ or -] 5,77 Yatis suresi (gun) 45,43 [+ or -] 12,5 40,21 [+ or -] 7,69 Grup 3 Parametre (iyi denge n = 22) p Yatis FBO-motor 74,13 [+ or -] 10,57 0,001 * Cikus FBO-motor 78,68 [+ or -] 10,28 0,001 * Kazanc FBO-motor 4,95 [+ or -] 3,03 0,004 * Yatis suresi (gun) 35,77 [+ or -] 11,29 0,001 * *: p < 0,05 anlamli FBO: Fonksiyonel Bagimsizlik Olcutu Tablo 7.