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a small flat case for holding cigarettes

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From the chair beneath her she extracted a gun-metal cigarette-case, on which were powdered in turquoise the initials "E.
I recoiled from the open cigarette-case that he proffered as he spoke.
In shape and size it was not unlike a cigarette-case.
From the top of this bowlder the gleam of something bright caught my eye, and, raising my hand, I found that it came from the silver cigarette-case which he used to carry.
And Lord Henry flung himself down on the divan and opened his cigarette-case.
John turned to me, taking out his cigarette-case, and lighting a cigarette as he did so.
WASHINGTON - Danny Biederman was hooked the first moment he heard agent Napoleon Solo speak into a cigarette-case communicator on TV's ``The Man From U.
Silver products of household items are also made by craftsmen such as fruit bowls, plates, samovars (tea kettle), flower vases, tea-sets, soap boxes, purses, ornamental picture-frames, cigarette-cases, tumblers and trays.