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a small flat case for holding cigarettes

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While leading his platoon on November 6, he came under heavy machine gun fire, the fateful bullet striking his cigarette tin, and approximately nine days later he died from his wounds in the Anglo-American Red Cross Hospital.
In his other pocket Thomas carried a metal cigarette tin and had a ball bearing shrapnel piece lodged in that.
Ian, of Culross, Fife said: "Inside was an old cigarette tin, some papers, and a black wallet.
Craven A placed their well-known cigarette tin in a cardboard box which bore the king, queen and Elizabeth and Margaret in a central design on a red background.
Ian, of Culross, Fife, said: "I looked inside and found a cigarette tin and a black wallet.
The four inch long bar made at Cadbury's Bournville factory in Birmingham survived after being preserved in a cigarette tin and was part of 3,500 lbs of cocoa and chocolate Scott took on the trip.
When we were renovating the house we took the floorboards up and discovered many interesting items, including a list of the Home Guard at that time, as well as old cigarette tins and coins," she remembers.
As soon as your customers see the slick packaging, they'll be intrigued by how mints have risen to the stature of social accessories, some featuring subtly curved 1920s-style cigarette tins, adorned with art nouveau/deco designs.
She said items found during the excavations included personal items such as shaving equipment, bully beef, chocolate and cigarette tins, as well as spent and unfired ammunition, all of which help to illustrate contemporary accounts of life in the trenches.