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a tube that holds a cigarette while it is being smoked

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Here are a few of the artist's favorite things (some visible in this show, some not): tongues (which may morph suddenly into snakes or penises or long, bloody intestines), teeth (animal and human), dentures, women's shoes, fox collars, rubber bicycle tubes, urinals, cigarette holders, cat claws, and ink-bottle droppers.
Collin (Heinrich Schafmeister), all monocles and cigarette holders and haughty Prussian superiority, is more bemused than anything when he officially is declared non-Aryan.
Glamorous women clutching fur collars about their swanlike necks, sipping martinis, flicking ashes from bejeweled cigarette holders in gloved hands.
Then I tried cigarette holders with filters, which were supposed to remove the harmful tars and nicotine.
After that they'd reload their cigarette holders and set out again for drinks and dinner.
Hemlines rose, hair was worn slicked back and cigarette holders completed the new found spirit of recklessness.
US Global is also working with cigarette holder manufacturers to integrate the NanoFilterCX(TM) into a wide variety of cigarette holders so that the smoking public would have immediate access to the benefits of the NanoFilterCX(TM).
It conjures up a different age when women used cigarette holders, toured the south of France in open -top cars and drank champagne as often as possible.
Pictures of her with her long cigarette holders in nightclubs were considered quite a scandal - though we, of course, rushed out to buy a similar accessory and smoked in the belief we looked as sophisticated as she did.
The guys wore black gangster ensembles while their wives wore feathers and carried cigarette holders, a fashionable accessory in the '20s.
At that time, cruises were really trendy and the South of France was the mecca of British aristocrats swanning around in cloche hats and flaunting very long cigarette holders.
Her performance conjured up the 1930s style of Jean Harlow and her off-screen look of Betty Boop kiss curls, cigarette holders and cupid bow lips continued this trend.
Their wing-tip shoes and cigarette holders are from the most expensive vintage clothing stores in the city.
Or join Matt and Darren for a chat in the 'smoke room' about the eroticism of cigarette holders, the joy of smoke rings and the French inhaler who is seeking a British woman for cigar fun.
By a combination of willpower and common sense and with the aid of amber-like cigarette holders with filters graduating in strength from the chemist's, I eventually stopped smoking 20 years ago.