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Synonyms for samba

large west African tree having large palmately lobed leaves and axillary cymose panicles of small white flowers and one-winged seeds

music composed for dancing the samba

Related Words

a lively ballroom dance from Brazil

a form of canasta using three decks of cards and six jokers

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Morocco: Through its submitted NDC, committed to a target of unconditional reduction by 2030 of 17% GHG emissions and an additional 42% conditional on financial support; has a CIF IP under the Clean Technology Fund (CTF) through which it has developed several globally significant showcase projects; CIF-related sectors under its NDC include energy.
60% conditional on financial support; has an IP under the CIF PPCR program with approved projects in climate information and water resource management; CIF-related sectors under its NDC include land use, land use change, and forestry.
However, in 2000, when the National Securities Clearing Corporation added CIFs to its trading platform, CIFs began to trade daily and provide daily valuations, with liquidity available on a daily, monthly or quarterly basis.
CIFs also offer a greater range of investment objectives with either passive or active investment management styles, and are arguably less expensive than mutual funds.
During processing of a FLIPL, once the equipment in question has been identified and given a document property number by the CIF PBO, the identified equipment will be removed from the Soldier's clothing record (DA Form 3645).
The CIF trustee and any trust company personnel who perform fiduciary functions on behalf of the trustees are considered ERISA fiduciaries.
CIF transactions with ERISA fiduciaries are subject to ERISA's prohibited transaction rules.
I have been working on CIFS support for the last seven years and have had many prominent content management vendors as customers of JLan," said Spencer.
The Alfresco system with CIFS support and open source distribution addresses both.
CIFS NQ Client/Server software component is designed for customers who wish to share files with Microsoft Windows PC's, Samba enabled Linux, or other CIFS NQ devices on a network using the Microsoft standard called CIFS (also known as SMB).
Because Wind River is a strategic partner for Visuality Systems, CIFS NQ will be one of the first partner products available on VxWorks 6.
The event--which includes both the conference and plugfest--provides a more comprehensive understanding of the CIFS protocol, and is geared for engineering developers and managers; application and networking engineers engaged in the development of CIFS-enabled products; technical product marketing experts; VPs of engineering; and CTOs.
The increase in network attached storage (NAS) deployments, which commonly use the CIFS protocol, has helped push the issue of interoperability to the forefront of the IT community.