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a unit of radioactivity equal to the amount of a radioactive isotope that decays at the rate of 37,000,000,000 disintegrations per second

being one more than one hundred

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Given that Newcastle paid a total of roughly PS5m-PS6m in loan fees for their three signings, it seems a fair deal given that they would cost the best part of PS20m in permanent fees according to CIES. Individual valuations of players are regularly updated by the CIES Football Observatory research team, and the algorithm attempts to offer a scientific determination of their current worth.
Despite how complicated it sounds, CIES say that over the last five years the correlation between their transfer values and the fees that clubs actually paid for their players was around 80%.
Before anyone scoffs at their working, CIES claim that "since the 2013 summer transfer window, the correlation between values estimated by our algorithm and the sums actually paid for the recruitment of big-5 league players has been close to 80%".
The calculations are based on what CIES describe as an "exclusive econometric model" taking into account inflation, as well as CIES' own transfer valuation estimates, which were released back in June.
CIES arranged for replacement of all the components and a complete recalibration of the system, but there was little if any improvement in performance.
The second issue is the absence of an effective CIES presence in America.
On the eve of the association's 42nd annual Executive Congress in Stockholm last month, Progressive Grocer spoke with Feargal Quinn, the association's chairman and chief executive and managing director of Ireland's Superquinn chain, about the state of global retailing, CIES' current and future initiatives and the outlook for his own chain.
They feel the Black Cats paid too much for Kone - who signed from French side Lorient for PS5m in the winter window - with CIES rating the Ivory Coast defender at PS3.8m less than the Wearsiders coughed up.
Late last spring CIES The Food Business Forum held its annual meeting in Barcelona.
CIES, the Paris-based international retail food group, held its 44th World Food Business Summit in Prague in June.