sea urchin

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shallow-water echinoderms having soft bodies enclosed in thin spiny globular shells

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VIII Encuentro de Jovenes Investigadores en Paleontologia, volumen de actas, Cidaris, 30: 201-204.
Other species for which some portion of development has been described include Eucidaris metularia and Eucidaris tribu-thides (Mortensen, 1937; Schroeder, 1981), Cidaris cidaris (Prouho, 1887), and Prionocidaris baculosa (Mortensen, 1938).
The reproduction, spawning, and early larval development of Cidaris blakei were studied more than 20 years ago by C.
Adult specimens of the deep-water echinoid Cidaris blakei (A.
Development of Cidaris blakei from fertilization to metamorphosis took 120 days (Table 1).
1996b, c), but the complete larval development has been described for only a single eurybathic echinoid, Cidaris cidaris (Prouho, 1888).