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The fossil records of the Ciconiidae dates from the beginning of the Tertiary Era, in the superior Eocene of France, but its largest propagation occurred during the Oligocene, and fossils of some current species, as members of Ciconia, are found since 140,000 years ago (DEL HOYO et al., 1992).
Considering the species of the family Ciconiidae, there is a classification of the species of the genus Ciconia in such a way that it reflects a phylogenetic proposal ((C.
Cytochrome b sequences are being used to investigate the systematic position of the South American Red-legged Seriema (Cariama cristata) and Black-legged Seriema (Chunga burmeisteri) to the Musophagidae (turacos), Ciconiidae (storks), and Gruiformes (cranes).
falcinellus (Linnaeus), glossy ibis I R Family Ciconiidae (storks) Mycteria americana Linnaeus, wood stork S R Family Cathartidae (American vultures) Cathartes aura (Linnaeus), turkey vulture I C Coragyps atratus (Bechstein), black vulture S R Order Anseriformes (swans, geese, and ducks) Family Anatidae (swans, geese and ducks) Aix sponsa (Linnaeus), wood duck I C Anas acuta Linnaeus, northern pintail I O A.
In this paper, I explore the issue of assessing and testing the homology of presumably innate behaviors and the practical problems associated with defining characters from behavioral observations, focusing on social display behaviors in storks (Aves: Ciconiiformes: Ciconiidae).
The avian family Ciconiidae, or storks, includes 19 species distributed in tropical and subtropical regions around the world.
These include filaria of the genus Splendidofilaria (Anatidae, American crow [Corvus brachyrhynchos]; black-billed magpie [Pica pica]; and house sparrow [Passer domesticus]), Sarconema (Anatidae), Paronchocerca (Ciconiidae, Odontophoridae), Cardiofilaria (Cacatuidae, birds of prey), and Chandlerella (Cacatuidae, Corvidae).
Los observadores fueron asignados aleatoriamente a dos puntos fijos de observacion; en cada sitio, estos equipos de observadores identificaron y cuantificaron los individuos migratorios de 34 especies de aves rapaces (familias Cathartidae, Accipitridae y Falconidae) y acuaticas (familias Pelecanidae, Phalacrocoracidae, Anhingidae, Ardeidae, Threskiornithidae y Ciconiidae, excluidas del presente analisis) que se registraron volando sobre el sitio, habitualmente siguiendo una trayectoria de norte a sur.
(17,18) For example, falcons, hirundines (Hirundinidae), and seabirds have a high aspect ratio (narrow and elongated wings) and high wing loading (high weight for a low surface), whereas vultures, storks (Ciconiidae), and other land-soaring birds have a low aspect ratio (broad and short wings) and low wing loading (Fig 2).
tricolor Muller Etr AS 3 R + 2 O Nyctalassa violacea L Nv AS 2 I Ciconiidae Mycteria Americana L Ma AS 6 R Phalacrocoracidae Phalacrocorax Po AT 34 R + 70 olivaceus Humboldt Anhingidae Anhinga anhinga L.
(Aves: Ciconiiformes: Ciconiidae) from the Area de Conservacion Guanacaste, Costa Rica.