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The literature has registered similar trends in growth inhibition of seedlings of the species Silybum marianum (KHATAMIPOUR et al., 2011), Cucurbita maxima (SUBIN; STEFFY, 2013) and Cicer arietinum (FAIZAN et al., 2011).
As she narrates, she has treated most of her clients using a suppository which she prepares at home from the following components: Nigella sativa, Cuminum cyminum, Sesamum indicum, Cicer arietinum, Ervum lens, honey, Myristica fragrans with Nerium oleander, Trigonella foenum-graecum, Cherry prunus, and a piece of unwashed wool (Figures 1, 2, and 3).
Se han reportado valores de 4,05 x [10.sup.-11] [m.sup.2]/s, 7,8 x [10.sup.-12] [m.sup.2]/s y 1,6 x [10.sup.-11] [m.sup.2]/s en el secado de queso a 12[grados]C y humedad relativa de 90, 85 y 50% respectivamente [4, 6, 28], de 8,75 x [10.sup.-9] a 1,90 x [10.sup.-8] [m.sup.2]/s en el salado de filetes de sardina [5], de 1,27 x [10.sup.-9] a 6,48 x [10.sup.-9] [m.sup.2]/s en el secado de habas [14], de 4 x [10.sup.-11] a 3 x [10.sup.-8] [m.sup.2]/s en el secado de dispersiones de almidon [2], y de 1,70 x [10.sup.-10] a 2, 01 x [10.sup.-10] [m.sup.2]/s durante el remojo de garbanzos (Cicer arietinum) tratados con ultrasonido de 25 kHz a 100W y 300W, respectivamente [36].
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