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Mapping a major gene for growth habit and QTLs for Ascochyta blight resistance and flowering time in a population between chickpea and Cicer reticulatum.
Cicer judaicum Distribution Range: Size, Boundaries and Internal Structure
RAPD markers have also been used to find out phylogenetic relationship in the genus Cicer (Iruela et al.
Examples of research projects include the efficiency of feed and nutrient status based on the core body temperature of beef cattle, comparing cicer milkvetch varieties and advancing the control of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea.
2006) and of Garg and singla (2004) who reported depressive effects of salt dry matter accumulation at the genotypic level in Cicer arietinum L.
2001) on black gram, and Anil , Mosmi (2005) on Cicer arietinum and Nagajyoti et al.
Cicer, (Circolo Italiano Culturale E Ricreativo), Italian Cultural and Recreational Circle was founded in 1989 as CIAD, Circolo Italiano Abu Dhabi (Italian Circle in Abu Dhabi ) and later changed its name to Cicer in 2001, said Anna Coupad, the president and senior most member of the circle.
The LaserBridge(TM) 155 complies with FCC and CICER regulations for interference limitations and United States (UL 1950) Canadian (CSA C22.
1994, "Whole plant regeneration of Cicer arietium from callus culture via organogenesis", Plant Cell Reports.
Efficient removal of copper from aqueous media was carried out using Cicer arietinum husk, a biosorbent.
The objective of this research was to compare DM yields and changes in species composition of the harvested forage of alfalfa, birdsfoot trefoil, cicer milkvetch, and kura clover in binary mixtures with tall rescue under different grazing frequencies in the irrigated steppe of the southern Rocky Mountains, USA.
Trichoderma species mediated differential tolerance against biotic stress of phytopathogens in Cicer arietinum L.