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The players then boarded a bus to head straight to Plaza de Cibeles, the traditional Real Madrid celebration spot.
Sending a swipe at Botella, who is from the same party and has announced her own bowing out of the political sphere , Aguirre said she would not dream of setting foot in Cibeles Palace, the new City Hall digs in the old Post Office building that cost an estimated e1/4400 million of taxpayers money to refurbish.
Podemos supporters from across Spain converged around the Cibeles fountain Saturday before packing the avenue leading to Puerta del Sol square in what was the party's largest rally to date.
Thousands of people have already filled up Cibeles (a square in Madrid), have come to tell the government of Rajoy (Mariano Rajoy, Prime Minister of Spain) that they will not continue tolerating the plundering to which we are subjected to, that we will chuck them out," Podemos wrote on its Facebook page, RIA Novosti reported.
Highlighting Spanish fashion designers from the last four decades, the Spanish Embassy in Lebanon, the Instituto Cervantes, Solidere and CentroCentro Cibeles brought the exhibition "Trendspotters?
It remains to be seen if the celebrations will occur at the Cibeles fountain for Real or at the Neptuno for Atletico both in the Spanish Capital.
Bale, who jetted from Lisbon back to Madrid for a 4am party yesterday at the famous Plaza de Cibeles, will return to his homeland ahead of the June 4 friendly with Holland in Amsterdam.
Bale, who jetted straight from Lisbon back to Madrid for 4am celebrations yesterday morning at the famous Plaza de Cibeles, will return to his homeland ahead of the June 4 friendly with Holland, in Amsterdam.
La joie et la detresse seront immenses ce soir dans la capitale espagnole, que ce soit autour de la fontaine de Cibeles, rendez-vous des supporters du Real les soirs de triomphe, ou de celle de Neptune, 500 m plus loin, oE se retrouvent les fans de l'Atletico.
Should they fall short, Real and their fans will flock to the nearby Cibeles fountain having finally claimed the elusive 'decima' after more than a decade of disappointment.
Supporters, many wrapped in the club's flag, cheered as the squad arrived at Madrid's central Cibeles Square, the traditional home for raucous Real Madrid victory celebrations, in a white open-topped bus with the word "champions" written in black letters on its sides.
The Plaza de Cibeles in MadridSpain is becoming a must-visit destination for tourists from all over the world and even more for tourists coming from the Middle East, as they will find a rich legacy of Arab culture, especially in Andalusia.
Highlights include the Royal Palace, Plaza Mayor, Prado Museum, Real Madrid's Bernabeu Stadium and the Plaza de Cibeles.
It is a leading hotel in the local market and is located on the main avenue of the city, facing the most important commercial mall, Plaza Cibeles.
For anyone who has visited Madrid, the mention of Cibeles, the Calle de Alcala, the Plaza Mayor, and the Palacio Real re-create the authenticity of a city and its people.