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a spicy condiment made of chopped fruits or vegetables cooked in vinegar and sugar with ginger and spices

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Jon's hot sauce and chutneys are causing a stir back home, where he has been selling them online and at market stalls.
CULINARY RYR superstar Jamie Oliver has praised chutney created by youngsters at their school, which is being sold at a Welsh centre of excellence.
TWO North-based women are celebrating the sweet taste of success with their jam and chutney enterprise.
Key Market Issues Heavy rate consumption of Chutneys & Relishes in India sits at a proportion of 20% for all age groups, with the exception of Tweens & Early Teens where it is at 31%.
WE'VE teamed up with Arran Fine Foods to offer readers a delicious choice of chutney to bring a lift to your lunchtime sandwich, baked potato or oatcake.
Get into the habit yourself with Lakeland's recipe for green tomato chutney.
1 WHAT YOU WILL NEED 85g stale wholemeal bread, about 600g cooked wild salmon, 4 tbspns Lucifer Chilli Chutney, about 300g cooked potatoes, mashed without milk and butter; handful of chopped flat leaf parsley, 2 beaten eggs, 3-4 tbsp vegetable oil or olive oil, freshly ground salt, black pepper, more Lucifer Chilli Chutney to serve 2 CRUMBS
Such has been the success of Stokes Sauces' collaboration with fellow East Anglian company, St Peter's Brewery, talks are now under way to export the popular Suffolk Mud Real Ale Chutney across the Atlantic.
The apples still come from the farm's Bramley trees but the product range has grown gradually to include 11 chutneys, pickles, dressings, sauces and preserves, nine of them award-winners.
The farm shop already has a great customer base with people coming from all over the country to buy my chutneys.
There are plenty of cracking chutneys and relishes on the market.
Great for topping everything from tortilla chips to tofu, these chunky chutneys come in Hot Mango, Mango Passion, Papaya, and Pineapple varieties in 10-ounce glass jars.
Retailers can now offer customers two new organic chutneys from The English Provender Company.
But just for the heck of it, you have to bite into a mushroom and goat cheese samosa (two for $5), which you can dip into one or another of the trio of chutneys (dark brown tamarind, bright green cilantro-mint and red tomato brought gratis to each table).