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Synonyms for butter

butter someone up


Words related to butter

a fighter who strikes the opponent with his head

spread butter on

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While Donatan and Cleo belted out such lyrics as "This special thing we have in our genes, Makes us proud of our natural shapes", a buxom duo suggestively mimed doing the laundry and churning butter.
The duo sang We Are Slavic accompanied by scantily-clad buxom backing singers suggestively churning butter.
The BigRig bicycle desk, which uses kinetic energy from peddling, can be used to power computers and gadgets but can even be put to more domestic tasks such as churning butter.
The machine has been found to be suitable for small scale agricultural applications such as churning butter, cracking grains and pumping water.
The old way: Study for Woman Churning Butter, a pencil-and-black crayon sketch on paper by French painter Jean-Francois Millet, 1814-1875.
And while they are kept busy churning butter, milking cows, cooking, waiting on the family and cleaning, the Quick family from Carmarthenshire will be relaxing and enjoying themselves in the luxury of Y Plas.
They also like to see how ordinary things were accomplished, like bathing before running water and churning butter.
The Victorian arcade will become a haven for milling flour and churning butter as local museums experts teach techniques of yesteryear.
Voices drift, flakes of ice, on this wintry November morning and as we take off from the Great Plains, the pain and pride sets in of homesteader memories of churning butter and bullets, quilting blizzards and bison and Jefferson's Lewis and Clark streaming free through unwritten histories and the uncertain beauty of sky wide fields of legendary tracks of land and mountains of dreams and thunders, stars and winds, hay and corn cobs on plates, lampshades, banisters, walls, high ceilings, and even door handles.
Beautifully illustrated with glossy colour photographs, this indispensable home companion advises readers on subjects such as ethical shopping, stock rearing, cleaning without chemicals, natural fibres, baby-care, pure bath products, drying herbs, training espalier fruit trees, recycling, sustainable building, solar heating, saving energy, preserving fruit and vegetables, natural remedies, churning butter and 'green' campaigning.