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moving with or producing or produced by vigorous agitation


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(of a liquid) agitated vigorously

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The national churn rate plummeted by 23 percent during the recession and remained below pre-recession levels through 2013.
This slight decline follows two consecutive quarters in which the churn rate increased.
Meanwhile, the company s CEO Tan Tong Hai has expressed his optimism on the enhancement of the churn rate after the Media Development Authority (MDA) announced order for SingNet for cross-carrying the BPL matches over the coming three seasons.
Halaoui sees the MENA region's churn rate differing from one market to another depending on the specific products that have been launched.
NTT DoCoMo in Japan, which has a customer base that is almost entirely post-paid, maintains the best churn rate in the industry, with less than 1% of its customers switching to a competitor's network each month.
This time last year, the group revealed a churn rate of 13.
By last year, the churn rate for dailies in all circulation categories had climbed--to an average of nearly 58 percent.
But the churn rate saw net new subscriber numbers fall to 183,000 in the traditionally strong Christmas period, down 15 per cent on 2005 and lower than analyst expectations of at least
Here in South Wales we are continuing to grow our customer base and as a result of significant improvements to our customer service, our churn rate [the number of customers leaving the service] continues to fall.
Figure 6: Resulting growth of average subscriber tenure after 1% reduction in annual churn rate
In the first quarter of 2009, Verizon Wireless posted an industry-low churn rate of 1.
Ionica said its annualised churn rate, the proportion of new customers who leave to go to a rival provider, had improved to 17 per cent while the churn rate net of housemovers out of coverage was 14.
Table 7 - Foxtel subscriber annual churn rate - 2002 - 2006
The churn rate represents the percentage of customers who leave their carrier in a month and is an important measure of customer loyalty.
His claims were borne out by Orange's churn rate - a measure of how many subscribers leave the service each year.