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Peripheral neuropathy in Wegener's granulomatosis, Churg-Strauss syndrome and microscopic polyangiitis.
Churg-Strauss syndrome with cutaneous and neurological manifestations preceding asthma.
Experts explain that the rare condition, called Churg-Strauss syndrome or allergic granulomatosis, can affect blood flow through small- to medium-sized arteries and veins.
27) CEP has also been reported in association with lymphoma, (19,20) Churg-Strauss syndrome, (22,23) and sarcoidosis, (21) but this appears to be rare, and could be fortuitous.
It also is possible that patients receiving leukotriene modifiers tend to have more severe asthma, which may predispose them to Churg-Strauss syndrome.
WAILEA, MAUI -- Histology revealed changes consistent with allergic granulomatous vasculitis, or Churg-Strauss syndrome, an eosinophilic condition that has been reported in rare cases in patients who use inhaled fluticasone propionate and other inhaled corticosteroids.
A rare side effect known as Churg-Strauss syndrome has been reported in several patients.
A positive p-ANCA test result is associated with Churg-Strauss syndrome, which affects the lungs, and vasculitis that affects the kidneys and other organs or is systemic.
Churg-Strauss syndrome (CSS)--also known as allergic granulomatosis and angiitis--is a rare multisystemic vasculitis of small- to medium-sized vessels characterized by asthma, chronic rhinosinusitis, and prominent peripheral blood eosinophilia.
The pathologist must ensure that infections (fungal, mycobacterial, bacterial, viral, and parasitic), cocaine abuse, lymphoma, and Churg-Strauss syndrome, among others, have been ruled out by special studies or clinical evaluation.
Mrs Tappin, who has chronic Churg-Strauss syndrome, said: ``From the moment Chris was put on a plane all we ever wanted was his swift and safe return.
Treatment of Churg-Strauss syndrome without poor-prognosis factors: a multicenter, prospective, randomized open-label study of seventy-two patients.
Alternative diagnoses in difficult asthma * COPD * Bronchiectasis * Congestive cardiac failure * Central airway obstruction * Cystic fibrosis * Recurrent pulmonary embolism * Pulmonary hypertension * Recurrent aspiration * Vocal cord dysfunction * Dysfunctional breathing * Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis * Churg-Strauss syndrome * Psychological disorders Table IV.